NFL Fanbases, Facebook Style

Back in January, Facebook quietly revealed just how much of a mine of user data it was sitting on when they produced this map, showing a rough picture of NFL fanbases’ location by color coding every single county (“parish” if you’re in Louisiana, “borough” if you’re in Alaska) in the United States by the NFL team with the most “likes” in that county.  The very existence of this map, and the equally mind-boggling chart that accompanies it (showing what teams friends of fans of each team are most likely to be fans of themselves, excluding the original team in question) shows in an amazingly accessible way the power of social media to inform, educate and help us understand our world.  The benefits to this kind of data from a marketing perspective cannot be overstated.


…Also, in the middle of football season, it’s just fun!  Look at how popular the Cowboys and Steelers are!  And the poor Jets only have one county (Nassau County, NY) to themselves.  And what on Earth is going on with Alaska?



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