13 Simple things you can do to show you appreciate and honor Veterans

In celebration of Memorial Day and as a gentle reminder that It doesn’t take a big bank balance to show that you appreciate veterans. We wanted to share a quick list of ideas to show your appreciation for our veterans.

The MARKIT team finds joy and pride in supporting our Veterans.  After all, as a country , they are ours to take care of, honor and appreciate. Throughout our years, we have supported numerous Veteran’s causes; from Honor Flight to Honor Bus, Celebrity Martini Glass Auction and many more.  Presently, we’re working with a start up focused on serving as a centralized veteran Support agency – simply, alignment of resources available for Veterans.  Stay tuned for more details on that this coming year.

In the meantime, help spread the word on these ideas.  Feel free to share some that you have done as well!

12 Simple things you can do to show you appreciate and honor Veterans

  1. Say Thank You. How easy is that? If you see a member of the military or a veteran anywhere, say “thank you for your service.”
  2. Talk to Veterans in your family. Chances are someone in your family is a veteran. If they are willing, talk to them about their experiences in the service. You will probably find out things you never knew and they will appreciate that you care enough to ask and listen.
  3. Visit a veteran’s hospital. There are many vets that are alone. A visit in the hospital means more than you may ever know. Nothing says you appreciate veterans like visiting those in need.
  4. Read your kids a book or share a movie about veterans. Start teaching your kids early how our veterans and the military served to keep us free. There are many books that are great for kids. The Wall by Eve Bunting, is an especially good book for kids. It tells about a young boy and his father that visit the Vietnam Memorial to see the boy’s grandfather’s name there.  A movie for all ages to enjoy is Honor Flight

    The Movie.  Be sure and get your tissues for this one!

  5. Pay for a meal in a restaurant. If you see a vet or at a restaurant ask your server to bring you their bill so you can pay for their meal. You don’t even have to let them know it was you.
  6. Volunteer to visit or feed the homeless. There are many homeless veterans. If you volunteer at a homeless shelter you are almost certain to encounter vets. Don’t forget to thank them for their service!
  7. Visit a VA retirement home. Take with you some large print books or offer to read to them. So many veterans in retirement are very lonely and relish talking with people.
  8. Offer a veteran discount. If you are a business owner, be sure to have special offers and discounts for veterans. If you are an employee speak with the owner or management about doing this to show that the business does appreciate veterans.
  9. Buy products and patronize businesses that support veterans. There are numerous businesses that donate a portion of their proceeds to help veterans.
  10. Volunteer at a non profit that supports Veterans.  There are so many we could  list, but we’ll share two.  USO – Military members count on the USO at airports and other locations. Whether it is a regular volunteer shift, cheering troops when they come home, or simply listening, the USO provides a wonderful way to help.   The Honor Flight network provides an opportunity for Veterans to return to the memorials built in the honor at no cost.
  11. Help remodel homes for disabled veterans. Vets in wheelchairs or with special needs often need their home to accommodate their special circumstances. Building wheelchair ramps or wider door thresholds are a big help.  If you are handy, this is right up your alley – or if you know someone in this trade, work together to support a Veteran in need.
  12. Give your seat or place in line to a veteran If you are waiting in line at the grocery store, ready to board a plane, or any public place – give your place in line to a veteran.
  13. Plan a cookout! Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day is the prefect day to gather friends and family and host a cook out for Veterans.

That’s just a few ways to show your appreciation for our Veterans.  Let us all remember, we are home of the free, because of the brave.  Thank you for showing you care to our treasured Veterans.

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