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Does your homepage explain your value?

The homepage can often be the first place a new visitor lands when they find your site. Many of us get the feeling of wanting to get everything on the page. You want to explain what you do, showcase your … Continue reading

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Best Books for Copywriting

Copywriting is an art and a science. It’s all about understanding your customer, what they want, and how your product can help them. Many business owners get this part wrong, and that’s why their copy is bad. They talk about … Continue reading

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Copywriting for business owners

There’s writing and then there’s copywriting. Copywriting is the type of writing you do if you’re trying to sell or convince, usually through advertisements, a landing page, a sales page, your product copy, emails, etc. As a business owner, you … Continue reading

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Tips to Improve your Copywriting

If you don’t know the difference between copywriting and content writing, then this article is for you. Copywriting is about writing in a way that helps sell your product or service by convincing the reader to take action. It is … Continue reading

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Branding Through Custom Invitations

Even simple projects require detailed copywriting and complete understanding of customer goals. We just completed this client invitation, which illustrates a “founders only” event.  The copy for the Top 10 list professionally ties in founder exclusivity, while at the same … Continue reading

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