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How not to do content marketing

It’s not enough to just create content anymore. It used to be that you could throw up a blog, create some images, make a powerpoint and put it on Slideshare, and you’d be in the content marketing game. Those days … Continue reading

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Past Present and Future of Content Online

If you are a digital marketer, you know the importance of content marketing online. You can’t just throw up pointless status updates on Facebook anymore and expect engagement. There is so much going on online that you need to draw … Continue reading

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Where is Social Media Going? (Infographic)

One more infographic to share, and this one, from ReferralCandy, is a doozy, covering all the predictions and trends for social media for the rest of the year.  Check out and let us know if you agree with their conclusions!

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Social Media Raw Numbers

Social Media continues to explode, expanding at such a rate that numbers of visitors or “likes” or users are almost useless within a few weeks of their publishing!  But it’s worth looking at how they (approximately) stand right now, if … Continue reading

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MARKIT Group Facebook Tip: Be Real!

Part II in our ongoing series of Facebook tips for businesses… MIG Facebook tip #102~ Be Real. Your Facebook fans have ‘liked’ your page voluntarily – and they can just as voluntarily ‘unlike’ your page if you do not maintain … Continue reading

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