Vital elements to branding

Graphic design has been relegated to $99 designs and free logos online. The internet continues to cheapen the market, so why is it that designers still commission such high pay for their work.

Any good designer will tell you that it’s not how long it takes to create something, it’s how that design embodies and illustrates the company. A good logo is worth its weight in gold, while an ugly one can actually harm your business.

A well-designed brand identity shows that you put effort into your business and that, even if you aren’t the best at design, you know how to let a company or designer create something that embodies your company.

Your brand might not become iconic like Starbucks or FedEx, but it still speaks volumes about your company and is important for making a great first impression on a potential customer or client.


Your logo is how people will come to identify your company. Maybe you choose a symbol, or just a font, or you plan to combine the two.

When you’re creating a logo, you aren’t just in need of a logo. There are other essential elements that go along with the logo according to Visible Logic:

  • Logo or wordmark
  • Different logo “lockups”
  • Key Colors
  • Additional color palette options
  • Corporate typefaces
  • Standard typographic treatments
  • Consistent style for images
  • Library of graphic elements

Varying color palettes for our client NEBCO

Brand Assets

In addition to a logo and it’s elements, what else is needed to create a cohesive brand? The answer is not so simple, as it varies by company type.

If you’re a company that uses a lot of stationary, you might be in need of custom notepads, sticky notes, folders, and cover letters. If you are a digital company, you may want custom email signatures or email newsletter headers.

Think about all the items that will be shown to customers and/or clients, and think about how you can brand them with your company’s identity.

Web Design

Your website is a large part of your brand identity but it can often get overlooked. The way your site looks is often a make or break situation when it comes to first impressions. Most people will search for a company before contacting or visiting them. If they don’t like your site, if it loads too slowly, if the images are blurry, if info is out of date, they will likely go find your competitor.

Here are 10 key elements your website should have:

  • Space
  • Simple navigation
  • About us
  • Contact information
  • Call to action
  • Search
  • Informational footer
  • Style for buttons
  • Great images
  • Web fonts


About MARKIT Group

MARKIT Group is a full-service traditional and digital marketing and public relations firm with an emphasis on social media, reputation management and monitoring, as well as brand management. Headquartered in Bonita Springs, Fla., with offices in New York, Pittsburgh and Charleston, S.C.
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