How to send engaging newsletters

The newsletter, it has ebbed and waned in popularity throughout the ages. It first sprung about in paper form through the mail, and there are many businesses and communities that still rely on these to drive traffic and interest. Nowadays, we have Mailchimp and Constant Contact and a whole host of other email providers to help us put together digital newsletters for every occasion we can think of. From holidays to customer anniversaries to new products, a newsletter can help keep your audience informed and engaged with your company.

But there’s a problem. Companies are abusing the eblast and newsletter. It’s unfortunate to see the amount of emails some people receive daily, and many are tired of the boring, promotion material they’re receiving. People guard their inboxes now, or they create fake emails or “spam” emails when they sign up for something they’re unsure of. That 10% discount offer on your website? How many of those emails end up bouncing or only read that email and then unsubscribe?

It’s tough to break through the digital newsletter noise. That’s why you need to be creative and offer something engaging to your audience. We’re going to go over some best practices, as well as share some newsletters to help give you some ideas to help you send your next eblast.

Email Best Practices

When using an email service provider (ESP), you need to make sure the “send” email you are using is authenticated. This will ensure timely delivery because it tells a user’s inbox that your email is trusted and not spam.

You can do this by authenticating the email within your email service provider account. You will also want to set up DKIM authentication through your domain name registrar. Your email service provider should be able to guide you through this.

Aside from authentication your email, you should be pruning your email list. You don’t want to get hit with a notification for having too many bounced emails, unsubscribes, or spam complaints. There are acceptable limits that vary for each ESP, so don’t worry about a handful of bounced emails if you’re sending to a list of hundreds or thousands. Be sure you are aware of these limits.

Another best practice is to have a sentence at the top or bottom of the email explaining why the user is receiving this email. People sign up for so many newsletters they may forget why they are receiving this email from you. A simple sentence such as “You are receiving this email because you signed up for Acme Company’s coupon” will help remind a user and keep them from hitting the spam button.

Newsletter Inspiration


Who would think a mattress company would have engaging newsletters? Casper does a great job of marketing and this event is perfect for their audience. The newsletter is not about selling, it’s about getting people to join their sleep event.


IFTTT is a site where you can link up devices, apps, and sites to work together. So if you post a picture to Facebook, you can set up a recipe to have it also post to your Instagram. This newsletter gives some ideas as to how to use IFTTT with physical products.


Herman Miller
Herman Miller knows how to make a fine chair. They also know how to create engaging newsletters. This one is not about selling you a chair, it’s meant for the design nerd that is part of the Herman Miller fan base.

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