Are you segmenting your leads?


For many businesses just starting out, they’re happy to get a handful of leads each week. For more established businesses, they expect dozens each week to feel satisfied.

When you’re just starting up, you are more concerned with getting the order or service fulfilled on time and within the client’s/customer’s expectations. You probably aren’t too concerned about segmenting all the leads that are coming in.

It can feel overwhelming to think about how to segment:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Nationality
  • Language
  • Industry
  • Profession
  • Income
  • Location
  • Product purchase type
  • Product purchase behavior

There are way more than just these, but this is a small sampling of how you can segment leads.

What is the purpose of segmenting leads?

Segmenting leads is all about putting them into categories relevant to your business. That means, you don’t need to be segmenting by age, sex, and language if that has nothing to do with your products/services.

If you sell web design services, you don’t need to be segmenting by age, sex, or language, but maybe you do want to segment by industry or company size. It’s up to you how you want to segment your leads.

The purpose is to help you better target your messaging and marketing to these groups. Using the web design service example, if you want to target the construction market and the insurance market, you don’t want to necessarily send out the same generic material to both industries. Instead, you can segment them and send out specialized marketing that talks to “construction” or “insurance” companies and how your web design service understands the needs of those industries.

What are the best ways to segment leads?

At MARKIT Group, we recommend that our clients utilize marketing automation software. With this software, segmenting leads is automatic.

The system can be set up so that when someone fills out your contact form, say for the web design company, they must choose their industry type. Once they submit the form, they are now added to the “Construction” industry list if that was their chosen industry, and the system can automatically send out a thank you email and additional information related to “construction” companies.

If you don’t use marketing automation, the best way to segment is to have some field on your form that helps you differentiate your leads. You can have:

  • A drop down list for income groups
  • Radio buttons for sex
  • List of languages you support
  • Product/service interest

It all depends on how you wish to segment your leads. It’s best not to make your form too long, or ask for too much information, you want to keep it to the basics.


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