3 Companies Doing Content Marketing Right

Content marketing seems like the way to “win” at marketing online these days. Everyone is doing it. Every website seems to have a blog, infographics, videos, the works. But is it actually working?

For many companies, they see content marketing as just writing blogs. “If I write it, they will come” is often the mentality. They share the blog a few times on social media and that’s it. If they’re lucky, it gets a hundred views.

Why aren’t companies taking content marketing more seriously?

  • They don’t have the resources to invest a good amount of time
  • They don’t understand the value of an article that takes 5 hours to write
  • They’re not getting into the mindset of their customers and finding out what they want to learn

Despite the majority of companies doing content marketing wrong, there are a ton that do it right and they benefit greatly from it.


Buffer is very well known for their detailed articles about social media. Since they’re a social media scheduling tool, they know that their target audience is interested in social and wanting to learn more. They invested greatly in terms of both time and money into their content marketing team.

They have a few blogs: One about social, one about workplace culture, and one about developers.

Content they create

  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcasts


How to Get Hired as a Social Media Manager

The Complete, Always-Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising


Tim Ferriss

Tim isn’t necessarily a company, but he is his own brand. He’s known for his Four Hour series of books (Four Hour Work Week, Four Hour Chef, Four Hour Body). He continues to promote his work through writing on his blog, bringing in guest writers, and hosting his podcast, the Tim Ferriss Show.

He knows that his audience is looking to improve themselves, that’s why they buy his books. So his content is about improving and optimizing yourself when it comes to everything from eating to exercise to work. Tim interviews people on his show and tries to dig into the reasons they’re successful and good at what they do. This includes people like Tony Robbins, a Navy Seal, and Chris Sacca.

Content he creates

  • Blogs
  • Podcast


Bryan Harris at VideoFruit is always putting out top-notch content. His blog is what really got him noticed in the online marketing space. He has his own voice and people notice that in his writing and videos.

His latest project is a series of well made videos interviewing entrepreneurs that made money through their email lists. The videos subtly promote his email marketing course and it’s genius! They don’t feel like ads, they are videos you actually want to sit and watch.

Content he creates

  • Videos
  • Blogs



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