Halloween Marketing Ideas

Halloween is nearing! It’s the perfect time to add a little Halloween fun to your marketing. Whether you post some fun images to social media or add a cute Halloween reminder to receipts (like Target did), there are tons of ways to delight your customers and make them smile.

Sometimes it’s tough coming up with these creative ideas on your own, so we put together a little inspiration to help you generate some fun Halloween marketing tactics you can use.


Chipotle’s Boorito

Every year Chipotle offers their Boorito for a discount price on Halloween. You have to show up in a costume and sometimes Chipotle specifies what exactly you should be wearing. It’s a fun way to get customers in the door for the holiday (trust me, the lines are long!).

Tesco Spookermarket

The UK supermarket chain Tesco created a fun video around their Spookermarket, a spooky version of their typical store. You can view it here.

Pizza Hut How to Win at Halloween

Scaring is a huge part of Halloween. Pizza Hut put together a video called “How to Win at Halloween“. This video is full of great value for the customer and you don’t even know it’s from Pizza Hut until the video is over.

What can you do for your small business?

If you have a retail location, there are tons of ways to get people in the door.

  • Host a costume party/contest
  • Decorate the store
  • Have a pumpkin carving event
  • Every customer that comes in costume gets a discount
  • Create branded Halloween treat bags

For online businesses, you can have a little fun with your website. Add some spooky graphics like cobwebs or a fun creepy pop up like this one from Little Caesars.

little ceasers.png

REI put together a fun infographic on surviving a zombie invasion. You can create some fun graphics and content around anything Halloween-themed from witches to pumpkins to vampires.

REI zombie.png

You can host a digital costume contest. Invite your followers to share their costume pictures or their pets in costume and they could win a fun prize.


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