Copywriting for business owners


There’s writing and then there’s copywriting. Copywriting is the type of writing you do if you’re trying to sell or convince, usually through advertisements, a landing page, a sales page, your product copy, emails, etc.

As a business owner, you know your product or service better than anyone. You should be the one to craft copy but often you need to hire a pro to get the job done. It’s fascinating to find that not many business owners would call themselves a copywriter, and some aren’t even sure of the definition of the term.

So what does it take to create copy that can truly convince a reader to take action? We’re going to go over formulas, strategies, and tips you can use the next time you’re creating a landing page or sales email. You’ll be surprised to find that once you learn the art of copy your writing will change, trust me.

What are the fundamentals of copywriting?

Copywriting is about driving action. Sometimes that necessitates a story or a great call to action.

If you’re creating a sales page, landing page, even an email, these are some of the basic elements you’ll need to create.

  • Headline
  • Subheader
  • Body Copy

Besides those fundamental elements, there are some other pieces you need to craft convincing copy.

  • Show benefits, not features
    This is a biggy in the copywriting world. If you sell laundry detergent, a feature is that it has powerful stain-removing chemicals. A benefit is that you won’t have to throw away your favorite shirt just because it got ketchup on it. Talk about what your product/service will “do” for the customer.
  • Grab attention
    This usually occurs in your headline, which makes it one of the most important pieces of copy on the page. If you don’t grab their attention, something else will and they’ll leave your page. Make them feel the urge to continue reading.
  • Make them take action
    You need to provide some sort of action item. If you’re selling laundry detergent, you want them to buy the detergent! If you sell software, maybe the action is to sign up for a demo. Don’t just let them leave after you’ve convinced them of how much they need your business.

What are the different types of copywriting?

As with most everything out there, there’s no one way to write copy

Copyblogger has an excellent article on 10 Ways to Write Damn Good Copy, I’ll let them explain these copy types.

  • Plain Copy
    That copy isn’t going to win any literary awards, but it will get the job done. It will give a prospect the information she needs to make an informed decision about the product.
  • Storytelling Copy
    Provide a compelling story that introduces a conflict that your product/service can solve
  • Conversational
    Copy that is a conversation between yourself and the reader.
  • John Lennon Copy
    This is about creating copy that makes your reader imagine a world where their pain point doesn’t exist. That dream world can be achieved with your product.
  • Long Copy
  • Killer poet copy
    Combines style with selling
  • Direct from CEO Copy
    This type of copy will have the CEO’s name and signature at the bottom. It’s a conversation between the reader and CEO.
  • Frank Copy
    This copy is open, honest and transparent to build trust.
  • Superlative copy
    Only use this if you can make seemingly outlandish claims that are actually true.
  • Rejection copy
    Make your product exclusive, like the American Express Black Card. It instills a sense of wanting to belong.


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