Building an email list isn’t easy- 5 tips to help grow yours


It’s tough out there. The market for your attention is huge! Everywhere there are free downloads, pdfs, coupons, ebooks, webinars, all created to drive your limited attention to one company and get you to give up your precious email.

How do you do it nowadays? It used to be that you could just put up a newsletter sign up form that says “Get the latest news” and the emails would start rolling in. Now, you really have to create an enticing offer to get someone’s email.

Like I said, it’s tough. But there are ways to grow it, and we’re going to go over that right now!

  1. Create a great lead magnet
    A lead magnet is an offer, something to bring the leads to your email list. This depends on what industry you’re in. For a clothing ecommerce site, you’ll want to focus more on discounts and promotions. For a marketing agency , SaaS business, or other content-driven site, you’ll want to go more towards information products like webinars, ebooks, checklists. Make sure this lead magnet is something relevant to your audience. You don’t want to be offering the top 50 people to follow on Twitter if you’re a marketing agency. A better lead magnet for you would be a 30 minute video on the do’s and don’ts of creating a marketing strategy.
  2. Create multiple ways to sign up
    Don’t just rely on your lead magnet, also have other ways to sign up. Maybe you have a weekly newsletter that gives out 10 marketing tips or you do webinars, or even a content upgrade for one of your more popular blog articles.
  3. Test out email sign up forms
    This could be something like Hello Bar, which is a bar that sits at the top of your website and allows people to sign up for whatever you’re offering. You can experiment with pop ups, scroll boxes, exit-intent pop ups. See what works, what doesn’t, and what people complain about. If you get too many complaints about a pop up, it may be time to remove it.
  4. Don’t ignore offline events
    If you’re heading to a trade show or have a booth at a conference, have a piece of paper or laptop on your table to collect email sign ups. No shame in trying!
  5. Add share buttons
    Don’t forget the power of sharing. On your landing page for your lead magnet or inside your emails, you should be using social share buttons and “email a friend” buttons to help spread the word. These buttons make it super easy for your readers to share without much effort.


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