The Digital Marketer’s Toolbox

As a digital marketer, you have a lot of tasks you need to handle. Some days you’re creating spreadsheets, other days you’re implementing a new CRM for a client, Tuesday it’s researching keywords, and Friday you’re monitoring social media.

How can you get it all done without frying your brain?

Luckily there are tons of tools and apps out there to help you get the job done. Whether it’s SEO, social media, marketing automation, creating graphics, there’s a web app you can use (and often for free!).

Here are a list of tools you need in your digital marketer toolbox.

Zapier - Digital Marketer Toolbox Blog.png


If you haven’t used them yet, you should. You can get a basic plan for free to test them out. Zapier lets you link up multiple web apps to work together. Rather than hire a developer, you can create a “zap” to take the contact information for anyone filling out your SurveyMonkey survey and put that info into Google Contacts or your CRM. Doing that manually would take hours!

There are tons of zaps you can do, and Zapier is constantly adding new capabilities each week.


This is the best note taking tool out there. It syncs up to your devices whether it’s a laptop, desktop, or phone. You can save webpages, photos, handwritten notes, typed notes, and easily organize and search them.

Keep notes on uses of social media you come across, cool email campaign inspiration, ideas you have in the middle of the night.

Awesome Screenshot

This extension is something I use daily. If you’re on a PC and hate having to do “Print Screen” only to capture the entire screen and then go crop it, you will love this extension. It works on Chrome and Firefox browsers and let’s you decide how to get the screenshot, either doing a custom size, capturning the entire page, or even doing a timed screenshot.

Gmail Filters

If you’re a slave to your Gmail inbox, you need to get it under control with filters. If you’re not familiar, filters help you sort incoming emails based on nearly any criteria from the sender name to subject line to words the email contains. You can manage your inbox if you spend a little time creating these filters, and you’ll be much happier when you do.


This is a given. If you’re working with a team whether in the office or remotely, you need to have a central place where all files are stored. The last thing you need is for the designer to be out of the office and you need that updated logo image that is saved on their laptop.


Trello helps you manage projects and stay organized now and into the future. You create cards for each task that needs to get done and can assign it to team members, change the status, write notes, and more. It’s a create way to visually see what everyone is up to and what needs to get done.


A great time tracking tool to keep you on task and make sure you stay within time limits for certain projects. You can go back and see what is taking up a lot of your time and where you should be focusing more. Plus, it’s free!


If you like creating quick little graphics for blogs or social media and don’t have a designer or want to bother them for it, Canva is a lifesaver. It comes pre-populated with tons of beautiful templates to help even the most non-design savvy marketer create a nice looking image.


This is a project management tool based on boards. You can easily create new boards like “Social Media Management” and within it have different boards for each client, with tasks inside where you can attribute a team member, mark the status, write notes, and more. We use this here at MARKIT Group.

About MARKIT Group

MARKIT Group is a full-service traditional and digital marketing and public relations firm with an emphasis on social media, reputation management and monitoring, as well as brand management. Headquartered in Bonita Springs, Fla., with offices in New York, Pittsburgh and Charleston, S.C.
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