Why your blog isn’t gaining traffic and how to fix it

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You may have the best articles in the world on your blog. You may have amazing ideas that people will love to read. But you’re not getting any traffic?

One thing I ran into when I started writing blogs was that no matter how many posts I wrote, or how great they were, if people couldn’t find them it’s as if I had never written them.

Getting your blog in front of the right audience is one key to gaining traffic.

The other key is amazing content.

Let’s start with the content part, because without great content nobody will want to read what you have to say.

Making Amazing Content

Now that blogging is ubiquitous, so is the onslaught of businesses using them to gain traffic to their sites. One problem many of them have is that they don’t invest enough effort into creating high quality articles. They will throw up 300 word articles on the same-old topics, rehashing what has been said hundreds of times.

It’s boring, nobody wants to read your article on 5 productivity hacks because they have probably seen hundreds of articles just like it.

You need to do what Brian Dean at Backlinko calls the Skyscraper Technique. This means taking a really great article that’s already out there and making it even better, then sharing it with the right people.

You don’t want to use any old article as your template, find one that is “link-worthy”, something that tons of people are sharing. Use a tool like Ahrefs to find a favorite site of yours and dig into their most popular articles.

One popular way to make something better is to make it even longer, so if you see an article that lists 5 Facebook Ad Strategies, list out 25.

Other ways are to update the post if it’s older, make the design better, or go more in depth.

Sharing Your Content

Now that we’ve talked about making your content better, let’s get it in front of the right people.

Brian Dean talks about reaching out to people who:

a. Run a site in your niche
b. Are interested in your topic
c. Have already linked to an article on that topic

Again you can use Ahrefs, or tools like Open Site Explorer to find out who is linking to articles that have the same topic as yours.

Then you need to reach out to these people by email, Twitter, comments on their blog, Facebook, any way you can. On Twitter, @ reply these people or DM them your article and why they should share it.

Another way is to share your content in relevant Facebook Groups, like we talked about in a previous blog.

It’s not enough just to write an article, share it on your Facebook page and

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