Using Facebook groups to grow your audience

Using Facebook Groups to grow your audience - MARKIT Group

It’s true, Facebook is not what it once was for businesses and marketers. No longer can you post something and expect even 50% of your audience to see it. This is by design. Facebook makes money when businesses buy ads or boost posts.

As a marketer, or Facebook page owner, you probably already know this, yet you still use Facebook the same way you always have. You write up your posts, schedule them each day, and check to see the reach and engagement, then wash, rinse, repeat.

This isn’t a bad strategy by any means, but you’re missing a huge component of Facebook….groups!

I know there will be group owners out there that will hate me for saying this, but groups are great to share your content in.

Maybe you’ve tried posting to groups before and had little success. Either the audience is not interested in you, you didn’t try to learn what the audience likes, or you posted just about your business (huge no in Facebook groups).

As a member of certain marketing Facebook groups, I like the community aspect you’re provided and the sharing of interesting ideas, conversations, articles. And I HATE seeing someone come in only to promote their own product.

These people are easily weeded out by moderators and other group members because the content is not relevant or useful.

And that is the key. Your content must be both useful and relevant to the group you are posting in.

For example, we run a blog for a prominent local realtor in our area. His blog is not about real estate, or himself, it’s about the town. It’s sort of a community guide to events, restaurants, farmers markets, and other local activities people enjoy.

I post event blogs in local groups that do very well, and that’s because this content is relevant and useful to the group members. Another realtor posting their new listing will have that post deleted because nobody wants to see it. But people in a city-specific Facebook group will like seeing restaurant reviews, event listings, and farmers market guides.

“But I don’t want to spend that much time making content like that, I just want people to come to my store and buy my stuff.”

Well, that’s a shame, because in today’s marketing environment that way of thinking no longer works, unless you’re a behemoth like Apple or Coca Cola.

If you’re a small business, let’s say a pool cleaning company, you would do well by posting unique, relevant, useful content to Facebook groups.

I keep saying “content” and by this I mean anything from an infographic to a blog post to a slideshare. As the pool cleaning company, maybe you create a 10 step checklist for keeping your pool bug free. Or you do a blog post on games you can play in your pool like water polo and shark.

Make sure when you are posting in these Facebook Groups, you are writing as a person, not a business. There’s a big difference to the way businesses and people speak. In Facebook groups, people don’t tend to like businesses coming in and disrupting things, you need to act as the person behind the brand, making your business more personal.

You want to review what people are saying, how they’re speaking, what are the popular posts. You don’t want to just come in and talk about something that is of no interest to the members.

Be sure to find relevant groups for each post. Maybe certain posts you do won’t work well in every group you find. That’s ok! Post them in the most relevant groups.

Spend some time interacting in the groups before you start posting. Share useful articles and join in the discussions that way you become a member, not just someone posting.

Social Media Examiner has 9 ways to use Facebook Groups as a business in addition to using it to share content and engage with a relevant audience.

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