Why is Taco Bell Killing it in Social Media?

If you don’t follow Taco Bell on Twitter, Facebook, or another platform, and if you don’t keep up with social media news, then you’ve missed one of the best examples of a company killing it in social. Besides having tasty Mexican food you can crave almost any time of the day, Taco Bell has perfected their social media strategy. They are funny, honest, and probably the most personable brand out there. Customers love it!

So why are they doing so well? As I touched on above, they’re personable. When people interact with them online, they don’t feel like they’re talking to a corporation. They feel like it’s a person (which it is) who is taking the time to engage and joke and talk to them. Those running the Taco Bell social media accounts don’t have canned responses when someone tweets at them. They’re able to go with the flow, be fun, and actually interact like a real human.

taco bell

Another reason they do so well is their response rate. Taco bell retweets and replies a lot! I just found a tweet from March 2014 where a user tells Taco Bell they are boycotting because they got rid of lava sauce. Taco Bell is bringing lava sauce back and replied to this user on September 21, 2015. That’s dedication! They searched through all those tweets to find some that are years old, in order to engage and inform their customers. They are taking extra time to find people talking about them, and people appreciate that. How many times do you @reply or comment on a company’s Facebook page and never hear anything? It happens too often, and companies need to start dedicating more time to places where their customers are spending time online.

A great example of this is Taco Bell on Reddit. Reddit is a popular user-generated content community where people can submit links or discussions, and users upvote or downvote based on their feeling on the post. Taco Bell has an account, but they don’t use it to promote their food. Instead they engage in the community. A user had submitted a painting they did of a Taco Bell hot sauce packet. Taco Bell commented asking where they could buy the painting. It’s hard to believe that other companies don’t do this. I would not be surprised to see another large corporation sending a letter to the painter over copyright infringement, rather than praising a fan for creating something about their brand.

tb insta

Currently their Twitter account has nearly 1.6 million followers. Instagram has 625,000 followers, and Facebook has over 10 million. Tons of customers post photos of their Taco Bell orders and Taco Bell loves to share this content. Customers will feel closer to the brand when their photo gets shared by the company. Taco Bell took the time to find the photo and appreciate it enough to share.

So what can you learn from Taco Bell? 
1. Don’t act like a corporation, act like a human
2. Engage, interact, be personal
3. Reply often
4. Integrate user generated content

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