How to Provide Customer Service Through Social Media

Maybe you have had a gripe with an airline (and who hasn’t?) and you decided to complain on Twitter. If it’s a major carrier like JetBlue, you are likely to get a quick response from someone on their customer service team. Large companies are taking to social media to respond to customer complaints, questions, suggestions, and comments. Many of us are still surprised to get responses when we tweet about our delayed flight or missing baggage. This is a growing trend and your company should be getting in on it! jetblue

Customers are on social media, especially for B2C companies. For many customers, they don’t want to have to wait on hold to call customer service and tell them about their issue. Going straight to social media is easy, quick, and you’re sure to get a response from the big companies eventually. If your problem isn’t technical, you can easily write about your issue in 140 characters.

Even if you don’t plan to have a dedicated customer service staff for social media, it’s still a good idea to track what people are saying about you and your business. Using a platform like Hootsuite or Buffer will enable you to see @ mentions, when people use a specific keyword in their post, and allows you to post and comment to multiple sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Companies Doing Customer Service Right

They are the most oft cited example of great customer service on social media. Even if you just use their hashtag and complain about a late flight, they will respond within 10 minutes on average. Their speed of response and their helpfulness makes them a great company to emulate when it comes to social media customer service.

Nike decided to dedicate a separate Twitter handle for support @NikeSupport. This helps them sort out questions and comments that need answering right away.

What Can You Takeaway?

Even if your business is small, let’s say a cafe, it’s important to monitor any place your customers might be. They could all be on Instagram, or maybe Facebook. It’s good to have a platform where you can monitor all your social media traffic. If you plan to do all the customer service on your own, you should be checking your feed about once an hour. This will ensure that you are replying quickly and customers will noticed your fast response rates.

Another thing you should do is to direct people to comment, ask questions, or talk about their issues with your business on social media. Maybe put up a sign in your cafe directing people to comment on your social media.

The biggest takeaways are to be constantly monitoring what customers are saying, and provide quick responses. When people have issues, they don’t want to wait a day for them to get resolved.

Here’s an article from Wired on the use of Twitter for customer service. And another article from HubSpot about JetBlue’s customer service.

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