Save Time with IFTTT

Before I teach you how to use IFTTT you should probably know what the acronym means. IFTTT means If This Than Than. It’s a website which allows you to create “recipes”, these recipes allow you to automate repetitive tasks. An example of one of these recipes is every time you post to Facebook, IFTTT will post to your Instagram. This site so much time if you find the right recipes for you!

How does it work?
First you need an account! Then you’ll have to give IFTTT permission to access accounts like Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, etc. Then you can start searching the site for pre-made recipes. If you don’t find what you need, you can make your own. It’s very simple.

Common IFTTT Recipes

Blogs to Facebook
This recipes takes your new blog posts and puts them on Facebook

Blog Comments to SMS
If you pride yourself on being quick to reply to comments, you need this recipe. Every time someone comments on your blog, you will receive a text

Facebook Status to Twitter
If you use both social media sites, you’ll save a ton of time having your Facebook statuses automatically post to Twitter

Text to Facebook
Maybe you don’t have WIFI or don’t want to use your mobile data. You can send a text and it will be posted to your Facebook

Thank new Twitter follower
If someone follows you, and automatic “thank you” is sent to them

Post Instagram photos to Twitter
Automatically takes your Instagram photos and posts them as native Twitter photos, not just links

Interesting IFTTT Recipes

Text your mate when you’re at the grocery story
This handy recipe sees when you’re at the grocery store (by your phone’s map) then sends a text to the designated number asking if they need anything at the store

Get emails for new Craigslist posts
Craigslist junkies can have new posts for their favorite searches sent to their email

Save Time Magazine Stories to Pocket
This recipe lets you record stories from Time magazine to your Pocket app

Keep track of every restaurant you visit
You’ll need saga and Google drive for this recipe

Do you have a favorite IFTTT recipe? Share it with us in the comments below!

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