Easy to Use Graphic Design Tools

graphic design tools

Nothing beats the work of a professional graphic designer. Somehow they always know just what looks right; how to pair fonts, the right colors, perfect sizing and layout. If only it were that easy for the rest of us to create graphics that easily. They’re necessary nowadays for our increasing hunger for visual content. Sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram are popular due to their focus on images. So how do you make your content stand out if you don’t have the skills or software of a graphic designer at your disposal? Luckily there are many tools out there that can help you make quick graphics easily. These tools won’t replace graphic designers, as they are still necessary for custom projects. But these tools make adding text and shapes to graphics much more simple than in the past. No longer do you need to shell out thousands for the latest version of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, you can now create graphics on the fly.


Canva is a simple tool for the non-designer. They offer pre-made layouts that look awesome! Just add in your own text and images. They offer stock images and custom graphics for purchase. Many of the layouts are already optimized for certain social networks or tasks like a menu, blog header, and more.


Pagemodo is similar to Canva. They also offer well-made layouts so you can just add in your own text, images, and tweak them to your liking. There is a premium version which will take off the pagemodo watermark. You can link your social media accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook and queue graphics up right in the site. The only issue we found with this site is that it currently has quite a few bugs on Google Chrome.


This site lets you easily edit photos by touching them up, adding text, or making a collage. You can use the basic version for free or try their premium version free of 30 days. They offer lots of tutorials if you aren’t versed in the photo editing field.


Easily (get it?) create infographics! There are many free templates to start out with but you will have to upgrade if you want more options. This is a drag and drop platform, allowing you to quickly and easily make a nice looking infographic.


Piktochart is another simple infographic creator. There are a few free templates, but you will have access to over 400 when you sign up for the premium version. The site is easy to use and there are many icons, buttons, and text holders available to make your infographic look nice.


This isn’t technically a graphic design creator, it is more suited for UX design. You can create mockups and demo videos of your offerings like an app or website or even a business card or menu. The site lets you pick an item like an iPhone, and you can add an image of your website mockup to it. This is a much nicer way of presenting a design to a client. It looks very professional and will make your work stand out. They currently offer mockups of items like smartwatches, billboards, desktops, macbooks, stationary, and more. There are subscription plans allowing you to download a certain number of images per month.

Check out our blog on free stock photos which you can use in your graphic design.

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