How to Succeed on Pinterest

How to succeed on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites these days. It was recently valued at $11 billion dollars, even though it was valued at $5 billion just last year. Why is Pinterest such a force in the social world? For many of you that have used the site, you know how addictive it can be. You plan to spend a few minutes looking at recipes or travel photos, then end up two hours later looking at dog clothes. For businesses and marketers, the value of Pinterest is in the amount of time and interaction users put into the site. If you have a product that speaks to the average Pinterest user, you could hit it big! It’s important to craft the perfect boards, posts, keywords, and especially images.

Should you be on Pinterest?

Before you go creating an account, you should decide if your business is right for Pinterest. Not every business will succeed on this site. Pinterest is about finding images, quotes, stories, and products that inspire you. Spend time on Pinterest and you’ll see that most boards are about recipes to do in the future, interior design you love, trips you hope to take, clothes you wish you had, wedding ideas you plan to use.

The average Pinterest user tends to be female (Business Insider estimates 81% of the site’s users are women). If your product or service is female-centric, you’re likely to do well. This doesn’t mean that men don’t use Pinterest! According to the company, more men use Pinterest each month than read GQ and Sports Illustrated combined! And ⅓ of all signups on the site are men.

The importance of getting exposure for your products or services on Pinterest is that 93% of those on the site have shopped online in the past six months. This is a huge audience! Pinterest users are here to spend! And this site is a great place for them to browse and find items they didn’t know they wanted. You want your product to become their next purchase.

What are people searching on Pinterest?

This is highly subjective! So don’t take this as gospel. Use these general interests as a guide to see what is popular on the site.

Most Pinned Categories
Food and drink
DIY and crafts
Holidays and events
Home decor

Popular Categories for men
Food and drink
DIY and crafts

Make your website Pinterest friendly

Your website or blog should include easy to use options that allow users to pin your images. There are many free social sharing plugins for websites. These will allow users to repin images directly from your site to their boards. Grab the Pin It button from the Pinterest website to add to your website.

Design great images

In 2014, 75% of Pinterest’s usage was taking place on mobile devices according to the company. This means it’s important to ensure your website is mobile responsive. If a Pinterest user clicks your pin on their phone then heads to your site, they want the experience to be smooth. Because many users are utilizing Pinterest on their phones, you will want your images and posts to look well on mobile.

Curalate examined 500,000 images to determine some common trends between repins and image characteristics. They found that images without faces received 23% MORE repins than images with faces. They also determined in their study that images with multiple dominant colors versus just one dominant color get 3.25 more repins! This means your images should tend towards more colors than less. Surprisingly red-orange images did better than blue images, receiving twice as many repins!

Images are the main reason people use Pinterest. Users love browsing a topic like “interior design” and seeing all the innovative designs, saving them as reference or inspiration for later. For many topics, there is huge competition to being seen. Your image is going up against big brands, as well as hundreds and thousands of individuals and small businesses. Take some time to look at your competition, see what they’re doing, and how much interaction their posts receive. It doesn’t hurt to get ideas from what your competition is doing.

Check your stats

If you are signed up on Pinterest as a business, you have the ability to check analytics related to your account. Verify your website and you can see statistics related to your site. Pinterest analytics will show you many statistics related to your audience, pins, and more.

  • Pins and boards people love
  • Devices people are using
  • Your audience (gender, location, interests)
  • Clicks, likes, repins

Using these analytics can help you optimize your posts to your audience. If you have been posting about makeup, and find that your post about eyeshadow received the most repins, you may want to focus on doing more eyeshadow posts.

Rich Pins

If you have looked at your analytics, you may have noticed a column near the bottom called “Pin Type” and you’ll see a little “R” in the column for certain posts. This R refers to Rich Pins. Rich pins can include extra information on the pin.

Types of Rich Pins

App: Include an install button on the pin
Place: Include a map, address, and phone number
Article: Include headline, author, and story description
Product: Include real time pricing, availability, and where to buy. Users will also get notified if a product pin price changes.
Recipe: Include ingredients, cooking times and serving info
Movie: Include ratings, cast members, and reviews

Learn how to get Rich Pins on the Pinterest site.


    • Add a source: When you upload an image on Pinterest, you’re not done just yet! Once you post it with the relevant description and hashtags, you need to go back and edit it. Why? There is an important option called “source”. In this area you will put your website (or wherever you want your audience to go). This ensures that when someone clicks your image, they will go to your website.
    • Price Tags: It may seem counter intuitive, but a study by Shopify found that product pins that include the price get more likes than those that don’t. Pins with a price get about 1.5 likes while those without pricing get about 1.1 likes.
    • Sign up as a business: Make sure when you sign up, you do so as a business. This gives you extra features, most importantly Analytics. You’ll also be able to promote your pins.
    • Promote Pins: Promoting pins is Pinterest’s form of advertising. You create your pin, choose your target audience, and pay to be promoted to them.


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