Keys to a great media kit

media kit

You just started a business, maybe a restaurant, a clothing store, even an online business. You have your business cards, website, email addresses, professional photos. What else could you possibly need? Have you heard of a media kit? It’s important for any type of business. A media kit is a package of information you put together for the press. Media kits (also known as press kits) can be utilized for the opening of a business, product launches, mergers and acquisitions, and more. The importance of a media kit is to help your company address common questions and generate interest. The items included in a media kit can be basic information about the business, the founders or owners, and the product or service. It can also include promotional pieces the media can use.

What should I focus on for my media kit?

Your media kit needs to tell a story. This story needs to be something you want to spread through the media, customers, or even potential investors. You want to make your company or product stand out from the rest. Tell readers your founding story, your mission, and why they should care.

What do I need to include?

Your media kit needs to have a few key ingredients, to ensure readers get enough information about your business. Once you address these key points, you can include other topics you think will be of interest to your audience.


Your introduction needs to be well written and on point. This is your first interaction with the reader, and you don’t want to run on or bore them. The introduction should include a description of your business and why they should care. Also make sure to put contact information in case they plan to do an interview or ask other questions.

Company Bio

You need to include pertinent information about your business: key employees, the founders, a short history. This is basic information you would want someone writing about your business to know.

Product or Service

Ensure you include your products or services in your media kit. This is what you’re selling, so you want people to talk and write about it. Make sure you address why your products are worth talking about. People, especially the media, want to write about innovative products and services.

Recent press coverage

If your company has some articles written about it, be sure to include those in your media kit. These articles can help other writers come up with ideas. If you don’t have any articles, include press releases you or your marketing team has submitted.

News story

If your company doesn’t happen to have any press coverage yet, you can create your own articles for your media kit. These articles may be used by the media, so make sure these are articles you want to have printed. This is a great chance to get out the information you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are ones you expect to have the media ask. This can include information about the products or services, why you started the business, and other topics that haven’t been covered in the areas above.

Photographs/ Videos

If your company has professional photographs or videos be sure to include them in the media kit. These pictures will likely be used by the media when they cover your business. Also include high resolutions images of your logo.

Things to avoid

Once you have all the information above included, you will want to review and edit your media kit to ensure you aren’t making any common mistakes. One big mistake is to write too much. Your audience is busy, they may not have time to read your two page company history. Keep your information to just a few paragraphs. If your reader wants to know more, they will contact you for further information.

Your media articles can be longer, usually about a page. You also want to ensure you personalize each press kit to address whomever you are sending it to. That doesn’t mean you need to personalize every single page, but at least include the person or company your are sending the kit to in the first page.

And don’t forget to place your media kit on your website! Your first media kit doesn’t need to be your last. Keep adding to your kit as more and more media comes out. Also add any new information that changes about your business.


For your media kit needs, and any other marketing related assistance, contact Nannette Staropoli at MARKIT Group. MARKIT Group is your full-service marketing company, skilled in web design, graphic design, public relations, social media, event marketing, and much more. Call 239.676.9756 or email

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