Best Places for Great Stock Photos

Best stock photos

Stock photos are an important part of any social media or content campaign. A great image is what will grab a reader’s attention more so than the title. It’s necessary to have an image that conveys to the reader the point of your message, as well as look professional. But you don’t want to get stuck with the generic stock photo. We all know what those look like. There are tons of sites around that offer beautiful photos with free licenses, meaning you can use these images for personal or commercial use. For your next blog post, new webpage, or social media post, you’ll want to browse these sites for images.

Little Visuals (Last updated November 2013)
Unfortunately the owner of this site passed away in 2013, but it is still a great collection of free stock images.


This site posts 10 new photos every day. All of the images are free, and high-resolution.

Death to the Stock Photo
This site offers free monthly photos for commercial use. It requires a sign up.

New Old Stock

All the images on here are free of copyright restrictions. These are mainly vintage photos from public archives.


These photos are free for commercial and personal use. There are categories so you can easily browse for images like nature, food, wedding, and more.

Foodie’s Feed

As the title suggests, this site has tons of free food images. And they are really nice! Not boring stock photos of fruit or a plate of food. They look more like professional Instagram-style photos.

Public Domain Archive
Every week this site is updated with images for your creative works, whether professional or commercial. The pride themselves on not being a stock photo site like shutterstock.

The Pattern Library
This is not a stock photo site, but rather a compilation of patterns you can use freely.

A nice selection of free, high-resolution images to use on any project.


This site offers free, high-quality images for commercial use. A great feature is their “special sets” section which puts together collections of images like Hipster Fashion Travel or Mountain View.


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