The Rise of Infographics

No matter where you go on the web, you will come across a colorful, informational piece of content called an infographic. The beauty of the infographic is in the way it combines written content with visualizations. The internet is increasingly becoming image heavy with the popularity of Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. Many people do not want or have the time to read a 500 word blog post. Combining key facts with nice design in an infographic can get readers into your site. There are even infographics about infographics!

What makes a good infographic?

An important key to the infographic is a good ratio of text to visuals. If your infographic seems too text heavy, people will likely pass over it. People are drawn into good design, so it is important to focus on how the infographic looks overall. It’s also important to pick the right topic. People don’t want to read an infographic about painting a door or some other mundane task. You need to make it interesting and include facts or insights people may not have known before.

Now this is a nice infographic!


Share share share!

An infographic stuck on your blog doesn’t do anyone much good. Unless your blog gets tons of traffic, it is unlikely anyone will see your content, let alone share it. Post it in relevant forums, as well as on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter. You don’t want all the hard work you put into your infographic to go to waste, you want it to drive people to your site!

Why you need infographics

The data in this infographic doesn’t lie. It shows the power of this form of content over many other forms. People enjoy videos but not everyone has the time to sit and watch one. Pictures are nice but don’t give you much information. And text tells you all the details, but some people are not willing to read it all. Infographics, being both visual and textual, allow for the perfect content sharing tool.


What are you waiting for!? Open up Photoshop or try a site like Canva and experiment with making your own infographics.

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