The Basics of User Experience Design

A website is a must-have for any business. You need an online presence to reach your audience. So you make your own website if you are tech savvy, or you have one designed by a web designer. Great, you’re up and running on the web. But do you know how your users are interacting with your site? It is important to create a smooth, user-friendly experience on your site to keep customers browsing. An up and coming world of design is focused just on user experience, and it’s aptly called user experience design (UX design).SONY DSC

UX design can be utilized for a website or an app. There are some basic principles you should know to make sure your users are having the best experience possible on your site. This design field focuses on things like the navigation bar, photo size, text, call-to-action buttons, and so much more. It may seem like overkill, but just some small changes can really enhance your site. Utilize these basic UX ideas and incorporate them into your next website overhaul. There is much more to this design field than what is listed below, we will likely touch on more in-depth UX topics in a future post.

A/B Testing

This is a way to figure out a better experience based on certain layouts, colors, font type, and more. You take multiple versions of a design and implement each, then check the resulting data to find the optimal design. There are many sites that will allow you to do this sort of testing on your site. One version is shown to a group of users and the other version is shown to the rest. Data is then compared based on the end result you hoped to accomplish. This may be increasing click through rates, another may be increasing newsletter sign ups. Something as simple as changing a button color could increase interaction.

User Flows

For more complicated sites, such as those featuring multiple products and a shopping cart, it is a good idea to create user flows. These are diagrams that go through the steps it takes to get to an end result. One example is buying a product and how many steps it takes to complete the transaction. Too many clicks, or redundancies, can end up with frustrated users who stop their transaction. User flows can help you identify problem areas before the site is created.

User Testing and Feedback

A simple way to get to know what your users really want or think of your site is to poll them or send a survey. The problem with this is that many users tend to disregard the call to action to complete a survey. You may want to reward those who complete the survey, or entice them by creating a contest. Maybe you will have generous users who will happily take your surveys for free.

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