Social Media Lessons from Psychology


Psychology is not just for college freshmen anymore. There are many great studies out there that truly capture certain aspects of human behavior and explain why we do some of the things we do. Psychology is also important to marketing. As marketers we need to know and understand what is going through our customers’ minds. How can we make them loyal users of our product? How can we get them to talk about us with their friends? Psychology is here to help explain some of these questions and help you reach your audience.


We love being part of a special group. It makes us feel important and like we belong. So you want your customers to feel that same sense of specialness when it comes to your brand. Exclusivity can also refer to being able to access something limited. When people see something as being limited, it creates a sense of urgency. This is a huge reason Black Friday is such a success. It is a first-come-first-serve event featuring too good to be true deals. People will line up overnight for a chance to grab a 40 inch television for $200. When was the last time you had customers lining up for your business?

Create exclusivity and a sense of urgency by making invite-only groups or newsletters. Those chosen will feel as though they are part of a special few, and feel more connected to your brand. Others will see this invite-only and want to get in.

Another way is to create limited time offers. As with Black Friday, only a certain number of each product is available. Those wanting that item line up early to make sure they get it. Create something like this for your customers. Maybe offer a 10% off coupon for the first 15 people to sign up for your newsletter, or that like you on Facebook. This creates urgency, making customers act quickly to get the deal, and feel exclusive.


Foot-in-the-Door Method

This was first performed in the 1960s. Researchers would call homemakers to ask about their household products. A few days later, the researchers called again, asking the send some workers to the house to observe how the homemakers cleaned the products. The conclusion of the study was that those who complied with the first phone call were twice as likely to respond to the second phone call’s request.

This has implications for marketers in getting customers to share content, invite friends, and more. When you ask a customer to open emails, like a post, or other small request, they are more likely to comply with larger requests later on like inviting friends to like your page. These small, initial interactions between your brand and your customer can help build trust for later interactions.

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