5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Improve Your Marketing

Are you looking for the latest social media marketing tactics? Do you want to know what the social media marketing pros are saying and doing today? Everyone seems to have a different opinion about what is right and wrong about social media experts. Social Media Examiner asked more than a dozen social media pros to share the top marketing tactics they think are a must today. We sifted through the answers and found our TOP FIVE: 

1) Andy Crestodina: Socially Tag People Who Are Involved With Your Content

andy crestodina pic

Andy Crestodina

If you want to build stronger connections with high-value contacts, take your activity across more than one social network.This will increase your visibility by giving you a stronger presence in several social networks.

First, know whom you’re targeting. Generally, I look to connect with bloggers and content creators, but it’s even better if you’re networking with thought leaders and prospects.

google plus post with follower tags

This tactic works best if you keep sharing your content in the days, weeks and months after it was published.

Next, make sure you know where those people are active. There’s no value in mentioning someone on a network they pay no attention to.

Watch the timing to take advantage of all opportunities. After you share content in one place, wait to see if it’s reshared or generates comments. Then cross over to another network to thank and mention people who engaged.

The key is to watch for actions on one network and respond to them on another networkHere are some examples:

  • They share your content on Twitter and you thank them with an invitation or message on LinkedIn.
  • They like your post on Facebook and you thank them next time you share the post on Twitter.
  • They comment on your post and you thank all of the commenters with a mention when you share it on Google+.

The combinations are endless and two things can happen when you employ this tactic:

  • The people you target may share it again on the second network. This is likely because they like it.
  • They may follow you on the second network. Now, you connect to high-value contacts on several networks, not just one.

Smart marketers think cross-channel constantly. They’re diversified, yet targeted. They don’t put all their eggs in one social network, but they’re very focused on specific opportunities, connections and potential collaborators.

Andy Crestodina is co-founder of Orbit Media and the author of Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing.


2) Mark Schaefer: Try Paid Advertising on Twitter

mari smith pic

Mark Schaefer

In a world of increasing information density, we can no longer rely on the organic reach of social media we’ve enjoyed for so long. It makes sense to look at other options, including paid components.

I don’t think any company has provided more innovative advertising solutions than Twitter. They offer three main Twitter ad options: promoted tweets, promoted trends and promoted accounts.

promoted tweet example

Promoted tweets are more cost-effective than you might think.

Through promoted tweets, your pre-selected tweet will show up in the feed of a person who fits very precise criteria. Those criteria could be based on where they live, or what they’re saying about your product or competitor, for example. You pay only if somebody interacts with your tweet with a retweet, click, reply or favorite.

Here’s an inside tip about promoted tweets. After the first customer has clicked, you don’t pay for any of the subsequent interactions related to that click.

Here’s what I mean. Let’s say Sally clicks on your promoted tweet. You pay a small, pre-determined fee for Sally’s click. Now let’s say Sally retweets your link and 10 of her friends retweet and click your link to buy a product. You only pay for Sally’s original click.

That’s an efficient form of advertising!

Mark Schaefer is the author of Social Media Explained, The Tao of Twitter, Born to Blog and Return on Influence.


3) Jenn Herman: Provide Unique Content on Each Social Network

jenn herman pic

Jenn Herman

While the content and theme of all of your social media accounts should be consistent, they should not be identical.

For example, if you publish every one of your tweets to Google+, there’s no reason for people on Google+ to follow you on Twitter. On the other hand, if you share only select Instagram content to Facebook or Twitter, Facebook or Twitter users who like them will be encouraged to follow you on Instagram.

Provide unique and engaging content on each network to encourage your fans to follow you on more than one site.

Jenn Herman is a social media strategist, Instagram advocate and one of the winners of Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs of 2014.


4) Mana Ionescu: Stop Being Afraid to Use LinkedIn

mana ionescu pic

Mana Ionescu

LinkedIn is a fantastic networking tool; however, I am constantly surprised by how many people use LinkedIn as if it was a precious porcelain figurine to keep on a shelf and never touch. And this includes some “social media pros.”

If you’re in the business-to-business space, LinkedIn should be your friend. Here are four tips to restart your LinkedIn efforts.

Emulate the Pros 

Do a search for the keywords your targets may be searching for. Who comes up first? What does their profile look like? Don’t be afraid to copy their format and volume of keywords. I’m not suggesting you copy their profile, but you will find that they repeat the same keywords multiple times, and their profile is close to complete, according to LinkedIn standards. Follow the formula.

Contact People Who Viewed Your Profile

A few times a week, I go into Who’s Viewed Your Profile and scan the users listed there. I look at their profiles, try to guess why they looked at my profile. If it seems to be a business reason, I push nervousness aside and reach out. Typically I compose a simple InMail to say, “Hi, LinkedIn showed me you viewed my profile. Sorry if this is too forward, but I thought I’d say hi. Is there anything I could help with? Let’s connect!” I get answers 100% of the time with this approach.

Pick Up the Phone

Are you looking to meet a certain person?

get introduced feature on linkedin

Hover over any time stamp and click to jump to that part of the video.

Instead of using the Get Introduced feature, which honestly has had very slim results for me, find a trusted connection and give him or her a call, explain why you’d appreciate help with an introduction and ask for that introduction.

This approach actually gives you a reason to reconnect with someone you know and connect with someone new. Also, when I take this approach, my trusted connection usually says, “You should also talk to so and so…” Before you know it, you walk away with a renewed relationship and a handful of new, well-made connections.

Rearrange Your Skills

You can now move your skills into any order you’d like, not just by number of endorsements. Take advantage of this to highlight your top skills. Go to Edit Your Profile, then click Edit on the Skills & Endorsements section. Now just drag each category to reposition it.

You may find that you get more endorsements for the first 5-10 skills listed, so it’s also a way to increase endorsements for what matters most to you.

There is so much to LinkedIn and they are constantly releasing new features. So dive in, be smart and be fearless. You won’t regret it.

Mana Ionescu is a digital marketing strategist and president and founder of Chicago digital marketing company Lightspan Digital.

5) Sue Zimmerman: Send Secret Promotions With Instagram Direct Messaging

sue zimmerman pic

Sue B. Zimmerman

Instagram is a one-feature wonder, which I love; but many marketers have a hard time figuring out how to use the platform to make money, grow their subscribers or build their email list.

Instagram’s new direct messaging feature can help.

google plus post with follower tags

Send private messages to share select offers to your Instagram followers.

Within the direct messaging feature, you can send a private message with up to 5 pictures to up to 15 people at a time. We’ve been using direct messages for follower appreciation, secret promotions, even text responders to build email lists.

Because VERY few marketers have caught on to this tactic, the conversion rates are incredibly high!

Sue B. Zimmerman is the founder of the online Instagram course Insta-Results™, author of Instagram Basics for Your Business, a CreativeLive instructor, speaker and business coach.

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