11 Ways to Get More Followers for Your Google+ Business Page

ms-11-ways-to-get-more-followers-google-480Are you looking to grow your Google+ Page? At MARKIT Group, we encourage each of our customers to not only have a Google+ Page, but to be active on it. In this article by Social Media Examiner you will discover 11 ways to get more followers for your Google+ Business Page:


Use your Google+ personal profile to interact with your Google+ business page content. Anything you +1 and share can show up in your followers’ streams and that increases the chances of your content being seen and shared by even more people.

Your Google+ personal profile probably has many more connections than your business page (especially if you’re just getting started). If you have a strong network connected with your personal profile, make the most of it. Those personal connections are an important way of extending the reach of your business page’s posts.


Just as on Twitter, when you add hashtags to a Google+ post, the post enters the stream of that particular tag. Anyone watching that hashtag stream or looking for information related to the hashtag can easily find your post.

I tend to add two or three hashtags to my posts. Any more than that looks a bit spammy.

It’s easy to overuse them, so try not to. Google+ isn’t #Twitter and it looks a bit #odd to people on #Google+ if you make your #awesome posts look like this!


If you haven’t heard of memes, they’re an idea or behavior that replicates throughout a culture—and there are plenty of cultures on Google+ built around memes.

Some memes are shared whenever the mood strikes and others are shared on specific days (e.g., #SkySunday or #weekend), but all of them include specific hashtags to make them easy to follow.

If you consistently participate in a weekly meme, your content may well have a long life as people continue to search the hashtag.

Not every hashtag is associated with a meme. Creating content around popular topics and including a relevant hashtag is a smart way to help your page and its content get noticed.

For example, if it’s the 4th of July, you know that relatable content includes fireworks, flags, BBQs, etc. So creating content around those topics—and including the appropriate hashtags—helps your page get the attention of people who are interested that topic. As they +1 and share your content, it begins to surface in more Google+ streams.

You can prepare for upcoming trends by building an editorial calendar with content and hashtags based on events around the globe. Just be sure to include some wiggle room so you can jump on a hot topic (like breaking news) as it’s happening.


Google+ has a list of content that’s hot, and anyone can get on it—if they know how.

Here’s the short version of how to get on the list: Create viral-friendly content on your page and promote it. It sounds easy enough, but this isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it deal. There’s some work involved.

To get on the Google+ What’s Hot and Recommended list, your content has to get enough shares to trigger the algorithm that tells Google+ to take notice. The easiest way to get more shares is to share your page content from your own personal profile and participate in meme days (both discussed above).


Asking people to follow your Google+ page can be tricky. You don’t want to appear as if you’re begging, but you also really want to grow your fan base. The key to success is a strong call to action (CTA).

When you post, share or +1 contentinclude a CTA that tells users what you want them to do and how it will benefit them. For example, instead of a generic “Please circle us on Google+” try “Please circle us to get more great #caturday content!”


Circling others is an easy way to grow your Google+ follower base. To segment your followers, you can create circles specifically for location, industry, niche, etc.

For example, if your brand page has a particular physical location, create a new circle that’s just for people and businesses in your areaStart adding people and business pages. If those people already have circles related to the same area, add those circles as well.

When people see that your business is in the same area and you’re connected with similar people, they’re more likely to circle you back.


These badges make it super-easy for people to add you to a circle and Google+ notifies you when someone adds you to a circle. It’s good to know when someone starts following you. You can visit their Google+ profile, interact with their posts and begin to build a relationship.


If you have a team of people handling your Google+ page, you can ask them all to put their names on their posts and comments so people can connect your brand with real people. When people feel like they know you, they’re more likely to add you to their circles.


Whether you’re participating in a community as your personal profile or as your business page, consider sharing your content there. If you’re looking for reach, Google+ communities can definitely help. However, check each community’s guidelines tosee what kind of sharing is OK.


You can almost always find a Google+ event that’s relevant to your industry, niche, product or audience. Try to attend those events when you can because the discussions are usually lively and enlightening. You can gain all kinds of insight there.

You can also get to know a lot of people when you engage at an event. Relate to people. Talk with them. Offer your take on the topic at hand. When you share the stuff people like and they feel like they know you better, they’re likely to add you to their circles.

A Google+ event may take an hour of your time, but if you get an additional 10 or 15 quality followers, wouldn’t you be happy? Sure!


When you use Google Adwords and +post ads to promote your page content, that content flows across the 2 million sites that are part of Google’s Display Network.

The interactive +post ads encourage people to engage with your page even when they’re not on Google+—viewers can +1, share and yes, even circle you right from the ad.

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