Social Media Advertising: What’s New

At MARKIT Group, we make social media marketing a priority, so it’s always fun to see new things come up. It will be interesting to see how new advertising efforts for both Twitter and Facebook will pay off for businesses and consumers

Twitter: Temps & Tweets

Wednesday, the owner of the Weather Channel announced an advertising effort on Twitter that will allow marketers to target products to real-time local weather conditions. That means when temperatures rise this summer, you can expect to see promoted posts on Twitter for iced tea recipes and tips to beat the heat or, if it’s a cold night, you may see an advertisement for chili or indoor activities.

It’s an interesting concept, but will it work? The Weather Channel says advertisers will be able to send promoted tweets based on factors including temperature, humidity, wind, rain and dew point that are targeted to Twitter subscribers based on information including location, interests, keywords and devices.

In a statement, Curt Hecht, the Weather Company’s chief global revenue officer said,”Marketers have a search strategy and a social strategy. Marketers need a weather strategy.”

The Weather Company, which is owned by Comcast’s NBCUniversal and private equity giants Blackstone Group and Bain Capital, has been expanding its business beyond its cable network. In 2012, the company began allowing people to send severe weather alerts to their friends on Facebook.

The company says it’s the first media company to use Twitter’s advertising API (application programming interface). That system will allow the Weather Company to automatically buy ads across Twitter and gain access to the users’ information. Sales teams from the Weather Company and Twitter will pitch the opportunity to advertisers at launch, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The service is slated to begin soon, though no start date is available yet.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 3.06.18 PMFacebook: Making Ads Better And Giving You More Control

Facebook announced changes are coming to the way one advertises on Facebook. They believe the changes will not only make the ads better, but give you more control. According to Facebook, one of the top complaints about the way Facebook’s ads work is that people want to see ads that are more relevant to their interests. Currently, Facebook learns about your interests primarily from the things you do on Facebook, such as Pages you like. Starting soon in the US, Facebook will also include information from some of the websites and apps you use. This is a type of interest-based advertising, and many companies already do this.

How does this work?

Let’s say that you’re thinking about buying a new TV, and you start researching TVs on the web and in mobile apps. Facebook may show you ads for deals on a TV to help you get the best price or other brands to consider. And because Facebook thinks you’re interested in electronics, they may show you ads for other electronics in the future, like speakers or a game console to go with your new TV.

If you don’t want Facebook to use the websites and apps you use to show you more relevant ads, they won’t. You can opt out of this type of ad targeting in your web browser using the industry-standard Digital Advertising Alliance opt out, and on your mobile devices using the controls that iOS and Android provide.

How do I manage the ads I see?

People also report that they want more control over the ads they see. That’s why Facebook announced that they are introducing ad preferences, a new tool accessible from every ad on Facebook that explains why you’re seeing a specific ad and lets you add and remove interests that we use to show you ads. So if you’re not interested in electronics, you can remove electronics from your ad interests.

If you live in the US, you’ll be able to use these ad preferences in the next few weeks!


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