How to leverage a Google 360 Virtual Tour

Di Vinci Cabinetry Point of Interest Photograph

Di Vinci Cabinetry Point of Interest Photograph

MARKIT Group is a public relations and marketing firm in Naples and we have been in partnership with Google for several months offering local businesses a proprietary digital service to attract more customers.

Statistics show 85 percent of people find businesses online. Google 360 is a virtual tour of your business allowing customers to, “step inside,” to get a sense of the look, tone, and feel before they even walk in the door.

MARKIT Group started implementing a social media marketing strategy into company marketing plans even prior to the popularity of Facebook. The marketing and PR firm has helped hundreds of businesses by launching and managing their individual social media site and now we’re teaching customers how to leverage Google 360 online.

Google 360 Virtual Tours are yet another tool for companies to leverage digital strategies and stand out from the crowd. It’s the next big thing in terms of innovative digital marketing. If you are going to spend any marketing dollars this year, it should be on Google 360. Google is King of the Internet and in no time every business will want to offer customers a virtual tour online.

Fresh Catch Point of Interest Photograph

Fresh Catch Point of Interest Photograph

Once your Google 360 Virtual Tour is complete, it’s time to start utilizing this unique marketing tool in as many ways as possible:

Put it on your website: You will receive a copy of all Point of Interest Photos for your own use and can embed the virtual tour into your own website by using the html code

Put it on your Facebook Page: You can embed the virtual tour directly on your Facebook page by using the html code. MARKIT Group is available to create a custom Facebook tab for your virtual tour

Email it to prospective clients: You are able to integrate the link into your email signature and/or email the link to prospective clients and customers

Break down your Virtual Tour into segments: For example, an interior designer can break down the showroom into segments (dining, bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.) or a country club can break down the tour by amenities (golf, tennis, swimming, dining, etc.)

Vimeo Videos: Take your virtual tour to the next level by creating a video of your business using Vimeo. It can take clients through your business without having to make one click

The greatest advantage is that this is a Google product, and has all of the advantages associated with Google, including SEO benefits. MARKIT Group offers SEO and marketing services. SEO allows businesses to rank for relevant keywords, which are used in their Google 360 description. MARKIT Group can embed industry relevant keywords and search terms into the Virtual Tour photos, helping with SEO. Increased click-through rate often leads to a positive outcome, more traffic, and often a more prominent listing on search engines. As more people view the Virtual Tour and hit the +1 button, listings get a boost.

Check out some of the latest virtual tours and amazing Point of Interest Pictures that come with a Google 360 Virtual Tour:

Naples Wine Collection

Edward Gary Design

British Open Pub 


About MARKIT Group

MARKIT Group is a full-service traditional and digital marketing and public relations firm with an emphasis on social media, reputation management and monitoring, as well as brand management. Headquartered in Bonita Springs, Fla., with offices in New York, Pittsburgh and Charleston, S.C.
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