Friday Marketing Favorites: “Nomakeupselfie”

“Selfie” was the 2013 Oxford Word of the Year, so there is no doubt, the act of grabbing your cell phone and taking a picture of yourself is trending. In marketing, the key is to take a trend, like “selfie”, access your target market and create a marketing strategy that will engage that target audience in your company.

In an age when social media has made us even more aware of how we look at any given moment, women across the pond took the “selfie” trend to another level. It seemed risky, asking women to take photos of themselves without makeup and upload them to social channels, yet thousands did it in the U.K. and throughout the United States in the name of cancer awareness.

The “No makeup selfie” campaign grew organically in Britain, but ended up raising several million dollars for Cancer Research U.K., even though the group initially had nothing to do with the effort.


Author Laura Lippman apparently started the trend to support actress Kim Novak, who was criticized at the Oscars. Others picked up on the idea, and somehow the hashtag #breastcancerawareness and donation links to Cancer Research U.K. started getting added to the selfies.

At MARKIT Group, we recognize a great idea when we see one. “nomakeupselfie” was risky, but proved to be a huge success raising millions of dollars for charity in just a few short weeks.

Whether you think it is genius marketing or not, it’s hard to ignore the success of #nomakeupselfie as a fundraising campaign.



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