Google going back to five stars

google5starBusiness owners, take note: Google’s newest update will change the way people rate your Google Maps pages.
Google rolled out a series of changes to its Maps feature in May, making the site more interactive and personal – Google actively takes information from users’ past searches to help them discover more of what they might like.
But even more important than an updated Google Maps is Google’s new ratings for said Maps. Over a year ago, Google switched from 5-star reviews to 30-star reviews, based on Zagat. But it seems Google has decided the 30-point system was less effective, because now the company is taking it back to the 5-star basics.
Since the switch to Zagat’s rating system, users had been rating business ‘poor-fair,’ ‘Good,’ ‘very good,’ and ‘excellent.’ The 5-star system will simplify the process for reviewers and businesses alike. The overall rating a business receives will be based on a combination of old and new reviews.
Zagat won’t be going away completely from Google’s arsenal of rating and networking tools, however; Zagat reviews are still accessible, and and its mobile app still promise to help users find the things that interest them.

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