Total Boox Asks You to Pay Only for What You Read

Total Boox
A new start-up has the potential to make all sorts of reading materials a lot more affordable – and possibly increase interest for books in general among those usually glued to smartphones and computers. Visit the company at and check out this excerpt from Mashable about Tool Box below.

E-bookstore Lets You Read First, Pay Later

In the days when books were only available in wearable and tearable bound editions, it made sense for buyers to pay money upfront. But with the advent of e-books, that model may no longer be desirable or even necessary, contends Israel-based entrepreneur Yoav Lorch. Lorch, who is also a published author, is the founder and CEO of Total Boox, a web and app-based system in early beta that lets you “read first, pay later.”
Sign up for Total Boox through its app for Android tablets and you’ll receive $2 in book-buying credit. (An iPad app is scheduled to hit the App Store in mid-February.) You can then download any e-book in the catalog. You can also browse other readers’ book “playlists” and download them with a single tap, and create your own. Selection is limited to 10,000 e-books at present, as only a handful of small publishers, including F+W Media and Chicago-based Sourcebooks, have signed on to the platform. Lorch says he is currently in discussions with Penguin about bringing its titles to Total Boox — a deal that could bring both quality content and other big publishers to the system. ……
After downloading an e-book, you’re welcome to flip through it from beginning to end for free. Only if you stay on a single page for more than six seconds — the minimum amount of time Lorch argues you would need to “read” a significant part of a page — will you be charged, and then only for what fraction of a book you read. So if you read 10 pages of a 100-page book that costs $10, you’ll only pay $1. Those pages don’t need to be consecutive either; you could read the first chapter and the last chapter, and won’t be charged for any of the content in the middle. After you’ve exhausted your $2 credit, you can purchase additional credits starting at $10 using a credit card or PayPal, just as you would with Skype or the Paperless Post.

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Consumers benefit from this arrangement because they don’t have to commit to buying anything without making sure they really love it first. Even more importantly, educational materials would immediately become more affordable. For example, a student would be able to pay for just one section of a book, or one reference from a chapter, rather than being required to buy the whole book.

What do you think of Total Boox?

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