PicMonkey: good for Pinterest, good for business

PicMonkeyToday we’re taking a look at a very helpful photo editing website called PicMonkey. It’s something of a cross between Photoshop and Instagram, offering users the ability to customize their image in dozens of ways and apply some awesome special effects. It is also free.
First, upload the photo you want to edit. Here’s ours:

professional writing copy

Then you can get to the fun part: crop, resize, and play with a number of exposures, colors, and exposure tools.
Here’s one image edit we came out with in a couple of minutes*:


When you’re done, you can save and post to any social site your heart desires.
*Bonus: posting images with curved edges on Pinterest gets you extra views. Use this program to modify your pictures before pinning!
Do you use PicMonkey, or another photo editing service to snazz up your images before posting?

About MARKIT Group

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