Tell your brand story with Twitter’s new updates

Twitter recently announced some innovative changes to their microblogging platform, and the social media world is abuzz with their positive applications for businesses.
It’s time to make sure you know everything there is to know about what’s new – so read on for details!

Header Image

The biggest change in Twitter’s design is the header image: users now have the option of uploading a custom image to reflect their brand more completely. It is similar to a Google+ or Facebook cover photo, and adds a new level of sophistication to Twitter business profiles. Visit your settings tab, then select the design tab on the left hand menu, and upload your new profile image. For optimal display, shoot for an image that’s 1252 x 626 pixels.

Pinned Tweets

Although only available to Twitter advertisers at present, this new feature has some interesting possibilities for businesses in the future. If you have an important tweet you want to keep in front of fans, you can pin it to the top of your feed- in the same way that you can pin a post to the top of your profile in Facebook. With this new tool, important tweets would no longer be lost in the Twitterverse: each time someone visited your profile, they would see that pinned tweet on top, regardless of how many other updates you’ve made since then. We hope this feature becomes available to  a wider audience soon.

Updates to Apps

New updates for iPhone and Android have been released, and a brand new iPad app is also available. Twitter is working to maintain and grow its mobile accessibility. With new improvements to the platform, photos shared on one device can be seen with equal clarity and size on any other device. As mobile social media use continues to skyrocket, companies like Twitter are wise to invest time and resources into making their platform stand out.
All of these new features can help businesses tell their unique brand story more effectively and persuasively. How are you using Twitter to reach out online?

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