Marketers Target Insomniacs Overnight, Foresee Profitable Tomorrow

Research conducted by the audience targeting firm Resonate has led some marketers to begin budgeting more of their advertising funds towards people who stay up late. The study showed that insomniacs may be up to 30% more likely than the “Online Adult Population” (OAP) to spend up to or more than 40 hours per week online.
While we have to take the findings with a grain of salt (given so many variables, and considering it is still somewhat limited in scope with 4500 participants and only about 650 identifying as insomniacs), this research brings up an interesting point: are marketers doing enough to reach their target audience no matter what time of day (or night) it is? With all of the research now available about daytime ‘optimal posting times,’ in order to reach the biggest audience, we’ve yet to see much advice about what time of night it is best to post.
Also of note are the different types of devices insomniacs prefer while they surf in the wee hours. Social media experts, advertisers, business professionals, and other interested parties are all paying particular attention to mobile marketing, a rapidly growing segment in the social media age. According to the study’s results, as reported by

“This audience segment also uses other devices while watching TV. Twenty-three percent of insomniacs were more likely to use tablets while watching television, and 13 percent were more likely to use mobile phones while watching TV. Ten percent of insomniac participants were more likely to go online via a computer while watching television.”

As marketers gain fuller understanding of the needs, preferences, and now even sleep schedules of their target audience, they hope to become better at reaching their demographics and offering them products they are likely to want. For example, pharmaceutical companies may want to start advertising sleeping aids more heavily after 11 or 12am.
We’ll be interested to see where this research goes! Have you noticed certain types of advertisements are particularly common late at night?
Source: ClickZ | Marketing News & Expert Advice:  Insomniacs More Likely to Watch TV Online

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