Social Media Gives Senior Execs An Edge Over Competition

The benefits of solid social media campaigns for businesses continue to speak for themselves. In a recent survey of 239 senior execs in North America, it was found that they had a return four times higher than that of companies with little to no social media engagement.
As companies become more engaged with their fans online, the question of monitoring and measuring return comes up time and time again. MARKIT Group has a customized reputation management and social media measurement system, which we personalize for each client. How are you and your company keeping track of your progress? We’d love to hear from you!

For Brands, Social Media Shows Returns but Measurement Hurdles Remain | May 1, 2012
Executives see improvements in marketing and sales efforts, and market share gains as a result of well-planned campaigns
C-suite executives are increasingly convinced of the benefits of engaging with their customers on social media platforms. A February 2012 survey of 329 senior executives in North America by management and digital consulting firm PulsePoint Group and the Economist Intelligence Unit found that the vast majority of companies who had invested in social media saw a positive shift in their bottom line as a result.
Executives who said their companies had established an extensive social media presence reported a return on investment that was more than four times that of companies with little or no social network engagement activity.

ROI for Socially Engaged Companies According to Senior Executives in North America, Feb 2012 (% of respondents)

The benefits of social media were especially pronounced in a few select areas. Fully 84% of executives polled said that social media campaigns had increased the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts, while 81% said a social media presence had helped their companies increase market share.

Effect of Social Engagement According to Senior Executives in North America, Feb 2012 (% of respondents)

Companies should use social media to create spaces for consumers to have meaningful conversations with employees and other stakeholders. Almost seven in 10 respondents said they had seen a spike in their sales by letting customers talk about their brands on social media platforms, even if some of that dialogue was negative.
Read the full article: For Brands, Social Media Shows Returns but Measurement Hurdles Remain

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