‘Brotox’ Helps Men Feel Their Best Inside And Out

Women aren’t the only ones trying to maintain a youthful appearance – men are also increasingly seeking spa treatments to help reduce wrinkles and creases, and restore skin to its younger, fresher self.
The Laser Lounge Spa in Estero offers a variety of specialty treatments to help men achieve great results, including the popular skin procedure Botox. Jonathan Sigg, who runs the spa, has dubbed it ‘Brotox’ when used on men.
Our PR department helped get the following article published in Coastal Life for our clients, the Laser Lounge Spa. Take a look at the new upwards trend for men receiving Botox treatments- looking great, guys!

More Men Trying ‘Brotox’ | The News-Press | Coastal Life

Written by Amy Sowder

Jonathan Sigg specializes in “Brotox” at Laser Lounge Spa in Estero. / Amy Sowder/Coastal Life


When Jeffrey Searles looks in the mirror, he likes what he sees.
Almost 20 years of Botox injections every four to eight months is part of the reason. Searles, 47, also protects his face from the sun and maintains a good skin care regimen.
“Nothing’s worse than looking in the mirror and thinking, ‘Gee, I look like an angry person, and I’m not an angry person,’” said Searles of Bonita Springs. “I look like the person I feel like inside. I say, whatever you can do to make yourself feel better, if you can afford it, why not?”
For men, there’s a fine line between virility and vanity, but it’s growing wider.
Botox was up 258 percent in men from 2000 to 2010, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. It’s a liquid solution injected into facial muscles, and it works by blocking nerve impulses and reducing muscle activity that causes moderate to severe lines to form between the brows.
Searles is a client of Jonathan Sigg, who runs the Laser Lounge Medical Day Spa in Estero. Calling it “Brotox” when used on men, Sigg gives Botox treatments to six to eight clients a day, four days a week. Twelve to 15 percent of Sigg’s 400-plus Botox clients are now men, which wasn’t true a year ago.
“There’s always been this taboo with the guys, that it’s for women only, but now it’s becoming more accepted,” Sigg said. The only zones Sigg will inject with Botox are the forehead, the outer side of the eyes and between eyebrows.
If the correct dosage is used by a qualified medical professional, Botox will not limit your facial expressions, he said. You will still be able to smile, frown or look surprised, just without wrinkles and creases. To avoid that frozen look, and for safety, Sigg won’t give Botox injections to areas around the mouth and neck.
“It’s about getting the right doctor, too. No one wants to be a poker face, like those Housewives of Los Angeles,” Searles said of the reality TV show about pampered women. “Jonathan has a very good feel for what looks natural.”
Make sure to choose a doctor who performs a lot of Botox treatments. Always use a medical professional, and share a complete medical history. Side effects, including allergic reactions, can occur.
Naples facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Strohmeyer has worked with Botox for 20 years, when it was first FDA-approved for eye problems, neck spasms and other medical uses. He also does about five or six Botox treatments a day.
Plastic surgery and non-ablative cosmetic procedures such as Botox have been on the rise in general, Strohmeyer said. Still, women outnumber the men 10 to 1, but men are definitely on the increase too.
“Men don’t read about Botox and this kind of stuff in their fishing magazines,” he said. “But it’s almost like the women’s popularity has rubbed off onto the men.”
Searles started having his light forehead “worry lines” injected, more as a preventative measure, in his late 20s, and had to go overseas to do it legally. The FDA first approved Botox in 1989 to treat eye muscle spasms, and continued throughout the years approving it for other medical uses until April 2002, when it was approved in small doses for cosmetic use, to relieve the frown lines between eyebrows called glabellar lines.
Results differ, but it’s supposed to last about four months. After a few years, patients can stretch it to six and eight months, as the muscle weakens, no longer causing creases. Some medical professionals charge by the unit of Botox solution, and others by the zone. Prices can vary between $150 and $435 for the glabellar lines.
Siggs, 39, has a medical friend give him Botox injections. Most of his male Botox clients are between their 30s and their 60s.
“Nobody’s ever made fun of me because I’m a man,” said Thom Chrisitie, 62, who’s had three Botox treatments at Laser Lounge while on vacation from Michigan. “They wish they’d done it underneath. It works for me.”

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