Facebook To Launch Social Jobs Partnership

Thursday October 20 – Facebook has just announced  that it is working on developing a job searching program on its site. The social giant said its biggest goal is to help the unemployed find jobs through social networking. More and more businesses are embracing online recruiting, and Facebook hopes to connect the unemployed with the resources to find jobs, as well as connecting recruiters to potential job candidates.
The initiative will be called the Social Jobs Partnership, and Facebook will be collaborating with the U.S. Labor Department, as well as employment service non-profits, to get the program off the ground. This new program puts Facebook on the radar for recruiters and job hunters in a more formal light. Recruiters and job seekers already use LinkedIn to locate new work options and network, and many are embracing sites such as Facebook to help them locate and learn more about companies or potential employees.
Facebook revealed that it has launched a new portal called “Social Jobs,” which will grant viewers access to a variety of helpful job search-related information, such as educational tools and resources. The long term goal is to help bring down the 9.1% unemployment rate in America, and Facebook hopes to begin work immediately on connecting employees and recruiters with better online social resources.
In its press release, Facebook explained this new tool:
We will launch a central Page on Facebook that hosts resources, and content designed to help job seekers and employers: facebook.com/socialjobs. Facebook will launch public service announcements on Facebook to promote the Page in the 10 states with the highest unemployment rate, and Puerto Rico, which has an unemployment rate of 16%.
The press release also explained that it will help promote government programs already in existence, and will also work on educating recruiting agencies and government agencies on how to use social sites to find employees.
Among those groups specifically mentioned as participants in the new initiative were the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), DirectEmployers Association, and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies.
While the project is still in its beginning stages, Facebook says it is thinking big, and has plans to expand the reach and scope of the Social Jobs Partnership in the coming months.
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Meghan Ingram
MARKIT Group Staff

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