Twitter Gets On the Photo Sharing Train

Twitter has officially made its photo sharing and uploading tool available to all users.
The service made its official debut in June, and has just initiated its full live release to the public, making headlines and causing a lot of chatter – both positive and negative – in the social media world.
When users sign into Twitter and want to make a new tweet, they will now see a small camera icon at the bottom of the “What’s Happening?” box. Clicking this icon will take users to a page where they can upload and preview their photo before it goes live.
Photos are hosted by Photobucket, and each tweet with a photo has a link to, as well as a thumbnail version of the photo attached. So far only still photos are accepted. We tested out the new format – pretty sleek:

Despite overall positive reviews concerning its ease of use, Twitter is drawing criticism from those who feel it is competing too closely with third-party services. For example, TwitPic, one of the more well known third-party photo sharing services, could be threatened by Twitter’s rival application, as it will no longer be relied upon so heavily for uploading photos. With Twitter offering a convenient photo upload button right in the sharing window, other applications could find it hard to compete.
Further complaints are coming on the heels of Twitter’s strong integration with Applie iOS 5, which essentially makes Twitter the default social network for its new mobile operating system. This includes mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
For now, third-party sites have a leg up on Twitter’s photo sharing tool, as they still hold the mobile uploading corner. Twitter has not disclosed when mobile photo uploads will be available for its iOS apps or the Android, but the day can’t be far off.
The social media world is constantly adding new tools and updating established means of communicating, researching, marketing, and sharing with others online, so it should come as no big surprise that Twitter is upping the ante. The question is, do you think Twitter has overstepped its boundaries by threatening to overrun other independent applications that have evolved to meet photo sharing demands?
Will you be using Twitter’s new photo sharing application?


Meghan Ingram
MARKIT Group staff

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