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Since we’ve been posting about methods of increasing fans on Facebook, we feel it’s important to remind everyone that a high number of likes on a business page doesn’t necessarily guarantee loyal followers – you must cultivate that loyalty through your own efforts. Did you know that when you run a promotion, the drop-off rate (the number of unlikes) following the promotion can be as high as 50%? This happens when your go-to method for gaining followers is to just keep insisting that people ‘like’ your page to win free stuff, and then leave them hanging after someone takes home the prize.
Reward your fans for liking your page by keeping them interested and informed, and keep them coming back because they find you and your business worthwhile – not just the coupon your are giving away. A smaller number of loyal fans is better than a larger number of fair-weather fans. Marketing Profs recently posted an article that speaks to this issue, and we’ve shared some selections from it below. Read on to learn more, and check out the original article location from MarketingProfs Daily Blog Fix.

Please Like Us! (Are All Those Facebook ‘Likes’ Worth It?)

Ekaterina Walter
Want to get exclusive content on our brand Facebook page? “Like” us! Want to participate in our fun new contest? “Like” us! Want to take advantage of the discount? “Like” us!
The logic behind this thinking is simple: We provide valuable incentives in return for the larger community on Facebook. Sounds fair, right? However, you are then faced with the dilemma: Do you want more Likes or do you want more advocates in your community who would have liked you no matter what monetary incentives you are trying to offer?
There are a lot of people out there who are looking to get a quick coupon or discount. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff? There are a number of businesses that offer a cool discount a day/a week on their Facebook page. It seems to work for them. But are they truly building relationships or are they just using their page to broadcast the deals and sell products? Unless you are prepared to offer your community a constant flow of coupons and discounts, the success of any single promotion will be short-lived. I would also question the quality of your fans and if they are truly present on your page. What you want is to build a community of advocates who truly participate, which means a consistent dialogue, smooth feedback loop, and your fans sharing their stories and their experiences with your brand. If you have a large community that is quiet—is it a good thing?
So instead of “like-gating,” why don’t we provide our fans compelling content and relevant messaging? Why don’t we make it easy for our fans to interact with us and our content? Why not post happy holiday wishes, short trivia questions, interesting polls, and fun videos to help us say communicate our message and truly hear theirs? Why not make it easy and fun for them to share among their friends? And if we must build the “Like walls,” why not be very selective in how we do it?
See full article at MarketingProfs.

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2 Responses to Please Like Us!

  1. kgbusco says:

    I liked your post very much. You make a great point that a high number of “likes” doesn’t necessarily mean that a company has high customer loyalty. It takes very little effort to click the like button. I think that some people just do it because it has become a social norm. We are all used to seeing companies that other people “like” when we are on Facebook. I think some people are just clicking the like button without thinking. Real customer loyalty is much more than a click. If companies are giving reasons to like them, then perhaps the number of “likes” is accurate, but I suspect that a majority of these are rather meaningless. Thanks for a great post!

  2. MARKIT Group says:

    Thanks for your encouraging feedback!
    And how true that we really are pack animals, and tend to click ‘like’ if many other people are doing the same thing.

    That’s why it’s all the more important for all of us in the marketing industry to make sure our followers know they are appreciated – and that they keep coming back because we are giving them something of value.

    Thanks again for your comment!

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