Five Twitter Tips To Take Tweeters To The Top

Dear Tweeters,
Are you dying to say more, but can’t fit it all into 140 characters?
Do you wish someone would update you on who was tweeting what, when, and where?
Stick around – this post is for you!

Five Twitter Tips To Take Tweeters To The Top (say that 5 times fast…)

.1. It’s time to move beyond the basic tweet-something-and-hit-enter drill. Your tweets are craving some variety. We know; variety takes up characters, right? There’s a solution for that, and its name is Thsrs (that’s the shortened version of thesaurus). Enter your long word, and choose from a variety of words Thsrs finds that are shorter. It’s that simple.
2. Of course, if you don’t know what everyone else is talking about, you won’t have much to contribute. Try Tagdef on for size: it aggregates all the most recent hashtags (trends) and defines them for you. Add your own hashtag to the list, or look up one that’s confusing you. Whoever invented this site is a genius (or is that #genius?) – moving on…
3. Sometimes a picture (or symbol) is worth a significant chunk of your 144 characters. If some personalization is what your latest status update needs, check out Twitter Symbols. Choose from a wide variety: from ☂ to ☮, and every ✔ in between, this handy tool has you covered. You can drag the toolbar to your browser for quick look up.


.4. If you feel like you could be missing out on what the rest of the world is into, you might be right. Visit a site like Trendsmap to broaden your horizons and get in on the conversations happening all around you. this tool helps you get a better overview of what’s being discussed where. You can also hone in on a particular region of the world to catch real-time Tweet trends in action.


5. If tracking URLs is your thing (particularly helpful for business professionals), a service such as Twitt(url)y will come in handy. This tool tracks and ranks the most recent, and most popular, articles currently being shared. You can also examine particular categories by entering your own search parameters.


There you have it – a good handful of tools to get you tweeting more stylishly. And remember: pay attention to what others are sharing, and you will be able to market your own content more effectively.
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Meghan Ingram
MARKIT Group staff

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