Make a List

Fellow Tweeters:

Having a hard time managing all of the profiles of people you follow or who follow you? Just starting out and looking for some tips on how to keep up with your new community?
It can be hard to sort through all the tweets that are constantly pouring into your time line, and even harder to find your favorite profiles. We all know what a pain it is to search for one profile every time you want to see what they’ve tweeted recently.
There are many, many organizational solutions to this problem, but we want to take a minute right now to remind you of one basic tool that can be easily passed over, but is in fact very helpful: lists.
Each Twitter profile has the same layout: the Twitter profile’s title, underneath it a short bio. Underneath that is a following button, some mobile tweets options; and on the right hand side, the sun icon has drop-down options like mention (the Twitter profile). Take a look at our Twitter for an idea of what we mean:

The button next to the sun icon (pictured below) is the one we’re interested in right now: lists.

Under this drop-down menu you’ll see the titles of any lists you’ve already created with check boxes, and a bottom option that says create new list. Using these options, you can go to your favorite Twitter profiles, select the list button from their window, and add them to any list category you like.
For example, MARKIT Group loves social media, so we follow (it has lots of great social media articles, and we’ve referenced the site in other posts). We’ve added this site to a list called social media, along with several other profiles we think fit that same category. That makes it easy to find the profiles we want: when we sign into our twitter account, @MarkIT_Group, we can go to the list icon under our title, and click on any of the lists we’ve put together to see the latest tweets from just those profiles.

Pretty easy, right? And a whole lot quicker when you only want to see those three or four (or 15) profiles you are most interested in.
Happy tweeting!
-The MARKIT Group team

About MARKIT Group

MARKIT Group is a full-service traditional and digital marketing and public relations firm with an emphasis on social media, reputation management and monitoring, as well as brand management. Headquartered in Bonita Springs, Fla., with offices in New York, Pittsburgh and Charleston, S.C.
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