Facebook Introduces ‘The New You’

Yesterday evening, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg sat down with Leslie Stahl for an interview on 60 Minutes to discuss the latest innovation for his company: the new and improved Profile Page design (below: a FB employee’s revamped profile page).
As Zuckerberg explains it, the new layout helps people interact with each others’ profiles as if they were meeting for the first time. For example, it allows them to describe their work, detail their interests and hobbies, introduce their family members, and show off their latest photos, all on one main screen. The idea is that the new profile gives whoever someone is ‘talking to’ a broader, more comprehensive overview of who they are from the start. We had a look at several Mashable articles on this subject, and are happy to pass along their tutorial, created to help Facebook users become accustomed to the new layout.
Of course, there are still questions of privacy, and worries that maybe users are sharing too much. Some people fear that their personal information is driving current advertisements, and that companies who should not have access to such information nevertheless are managing to acquire it. Zuckerberg assured Leslie that they do everything they can to prevent other companies from being involved, and immediately respond to any issues they come across.
In spite of conflicting ideas on the subject, the ‘new Facebook profile’ is now available, and many users have already switched over. It seems that every website, blog, or news source is covering the topic, so it won’t be hard to find a wide range of opinions. To try the new layout for yourself, click on Facebook’s announcement and follow the instructions. A word to the wise: once you choose the new profile, you cannot go back!
Will you be trying the new layout, or do you prefer your profile the way it is? We’d love to hear your opinions!
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