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Dear loyal friends, fans, clients, and visitors,
As many of you are aware, LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for businesses and professionals looking to network on a variety of levels. You can make new business contacts in your field, search for new employees, post a résumé as you search for new employment, and solicit references to add credibility to your professional profile. You can join any number of groups and forums to learn about and share the latest industry news, grab some helpful tips and suggestions, or voice your personal opinions in open discussions.
In short: LinkedIn provides the ideal space to see, be seen, and interact with other  professionals.
Best of all, LinkedIn is consistently doing more to help you connect all of your social online profiles for easier sharing and networking. Back in April, LinkedIn came out with a great new offering that allows you to easily share articles and links with the rest of your LinkedIn connections. Thanks to the new features involved, when you publish status updates, you now see the title, an image, and excerpt of the article you are sharing (just like your Facebook publisher). If you missed April’s best LinkedIn inventions, here’s a quick overview.
Today, we want to bring to your attention the latest innovation: simply titled, the Share Button. Installing it is simple: choose one of three styles of the sharing icon (vertical count, horizontal count, no sharing count), copy the generated code, and paste it into your website or blog. When others visit your page, they can click the icon, just as they would a ”Share on Facebook” or “AddThis” icon, and post directly to their LinkedIn account (viewers can also choose to share their selection with LinkedIn individuals or group members).
There you have it! It’s as easy as that. If you haven’t looked into those other sharing updates mentioned earlier, give them a try; they can help you use your time and network more efficiently. And after you add the LinkedIn Share Button to your sites, be sure to stop back and drop us a comment to let us know what you think!
For further explanation, read Mashable’s article on the topic: “LinkedIn Launches Share button.”

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