Talk To The BIRD .Part 2.

Our first post in this three-part “Talk To The BIRD” series introduced the basics of creating and modifying your Twitter account settings. Now that you’re comfortable with your settings, you can participate in discussions & debates, ask questions, find new music, news, and industries, score a job, advertise, connect with other like-minded professionals, and acquire helpful resources and information.

First Impressions Matter!

In a recent Mashable article titled “Twitter Fail,” the author gives the top 10 reasons that will automatically disqualify you as someone he will follow back on Twitter. His #1 reason is having no user avatar. His #2 reason is having no location, website, or bio on your profile. Making a good impression is just as important online as it is offline. Choose a good icon that represents who you are – a picture of yourself, your company logo, etc – don’t use some Twitter default image. Also make sure that your bio says something about who you are and what interests you. And if you have a strong website or blog, add the link. For further instruction about how to customize your bio, profile picture, etc, see Twitter’s tutorial.
Potential followers will most likely view your profile before deciding whether to following you back, so make sure what they see grabs their interest.

Birds of a feather….

Soyou’ve set up your basic bio and settings, and you’re ready to get tweeting…but something’s missing. You can’t really tweet if you don’t have an audience, and you can’t network if you don’t know who to follow. Don’t fret – as you find others to connect with, you’ll see your network begin to expand, and with a little help, you will notice people starting to follow you, too. We’ve prepared some resources to get you started – feel free to  leave a comment on our blog with any suggestions, or to tell us your own experience with some of these ideas!
– Twitter People Search – Although it’s limited, start here; Twitter People Search looks for “real names” that users put in their bio. It won’t be able to go too indepth, since Twitter doesn’t require you to use your real name – but make it step 1 as you move on to more advanced searches; it might turn up a few helpful results.
Tweepz – This site lets you customize your search a little more; you can zero in on name, location, even bio, then filter by location, number of followers, and more.

TweepSearch –  This handy site will allow you to search for a specific username and get a list of all their friends and followers
Twellow –  Twellow is a very comprehensive directory with almost 6M Twitter profiles, grouped into a lot of different categories. It comes highly recommended by many seasoned Tweeters.
Twellowhood – It searches right down to zip codes – it’s often recommended as a companion to Twellow.
WeFollow – User-created directory that organizes users by hashtags ((#) The best part is that any user may add him or herself simply by tweeting “@wefollow” with three #hashtags that best describe them.
LocalTweeps – This site will search all the way down to the zip code level. If you are interested in finding people in a very specific geographic, this may be worth your while.
Twitterel & WhoShouldIFollow–  These sites are currently unavailable, but are worth mentioning because of how helpful they have been in the past. Twitterel will conduct keyword searches of tweets, and updates you when it has any recommendations. WhoShouldIFollow finds users similar to your existing followers and lets you filter results by how popular the users are, and how close they are to your specified location.

Check back soon to see if one or both of these are back online, and be sure to test them out when they’re done redecorating.
And last but not least, it also goes without saying that you should include your Twitter handle on other social media platforms you are currently using. For example, put it on your website or blog, your iPhone customized signature, and your outgoing email signature. For more tips on incorporating social media presence into your existing marketing campaign, see our blog post: “The 10-Pointer: Weaving Social Media Into All Aspects Of Your Marketing Campaign
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