Marketing 101: Using Custom Database Collection Cards To Build Long-Term Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Programs do not need to be automated or complicated, though I am fan of automation when it is feasible. I am often surprised by the number of businesses that lack a  formal customer database management program.  Knowing who customers are – and being able to quantify them – is a valuable asset for all companies, and it is easy to get started with your own customer loyalty program.
At MARKIT Group, we suggest our clients use a custom designed data collection card for the purpose of  their  long term customer loyalty programs.  For clients who don’t have the time to handle data entry, we offer an easy turnkey program that allows them to ship the completed cards back to us monthly, and we collect and organize all the information.  The data collected from the cards is used for direct mail and  email promotions, including birthday,  anniversary, and customer loyalty programs.
For those of you who may be wondering about pricing, a year’s supply of custom designed and printed cards  typically runs less than $300, depending on quantity.  This is a low-cost initial investment, and the long-term benefits that come from having an established and consistently expanding customer data base are extremely valuable.
Katie Bardis is MARKIT Group’s graphic designer and is working with  some of our restaurant clients to create beautiful marketing cards and promotional literature – we’re really excited about the way these projects are turning out, and we want share some of them with you below. Enjoy!
Above: a customer loyalty card for Florida-based Nature’s Garden, a fantastic Health Food Market and 100% Organic Cafe.  This client has been in business for more than 10 years and didn’t have any formal customer database programs in place.
Above: we absolutely love the vibrant background of this VIP card for Cafe Normandie– it fits the personality of the cafe to a T, and the flowers and fonts just pop right off the page. Nice work, Katie!






















Above: a customer loyalty card created for Bha! Bha! Bistro in Naples.  A wonderful Dine Local USA-SWFL restaurant that serves delicious Persian fare.  The illustrations at the top compliment  the Eastern ambiance of the restaurant, and the colors match the theme perfectly. We love  this one!

Above: a beautiful customer loyalty card for Molino’s Ristorante in Bonita Springs. The Italian countryside is breathtaking, and the card looks both professional and personable. We would sign up for the VIP Dining Club at this restaurant in a heart beat!
MARKIT Group is not a cookie-cutter company; we are always on the look-out for new ways to help our clients get ahead of the curve and be as creative and innovative as possible. We love to grow companies online and offline, and we strive for a balance between social networking and other more traditional marketing strategies. These custom cards build on an older marketing strategy by giving it a modern twist – and the result is one very cool way for restaurants to bulk up their fan base off-line and reward their customers for coming in.
Worth noting here is the integration of social media efforts into each client’s marketing strategy.  With more and more clients using social media for marketing, it is important to weave in their social media presence as illustrated in the samples above.
We will be sharing more marketing ideas and  collateral.  In the mean time, any comments and suggestions you have are always welcome!
Happy Customer Loyalty Building!
Nannette Staropoli & the MIG Team


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