The 10-Pointer: Weaving Social Media Into All Aspects Of Your Marketing Campaign

In an earlier blog post, we showed you the flier we created for Bonita Bay Country Club as an example of a company’s first steps into social media. The flier illustrated all of the social networks the club had joined, and encouraged people to follow these online profiles. Also highlighted was an upcoming event that the Club was sponsoring: the “Facebook 101 Seminar.” Offering this training session was the Club’s unique approach to beginning their social media campaign. In our blog  post we also examined the necessity of including a variety of marketing strategies for your business: fliers, emails, newsletters, websites, etc. Maintaining a balance of physical and online company visibility is key to a successful marketing campaign. Once you have initiated your first social media marketing campaign, don’t be shy about integrating your new social media presence into all other advertising venues you are currently using. Let potential customers know that you now have an online social media presence, and that you want them to participate in it.
Below is our list of the top 10 marketing outlets you should be using to promote your online presence, and few tips on how to begin.
1. Email: Even something as basic as your business’s email account can highlight your new social media campaign. You have the option of having a personalized signature appended to all your outgoing emails. Instead of simply putting your name there, also put the name of your company, followed by several of your online sites that viewers can visit. For example, you might put your official business website, followed by your Facebook and Twitter feed URL.
2. Smart phone:
Smart phones offer you the same option to personalize your outgoing signature. Again, append your business’s name and several pertinent URLS to appear underneath your name.
3. TV Advertisements:
If your business is already using TV advertising to increase sales, make sure you tell viewers that you are now online, and point them to your website. Even just announcing it once or twice during your commercial will encourage people to check out your profiles.
4. Fliers:
When you  hand out fliers with information about promotions or events, always make sure to include a line or two about how your customers can find you online by providing the links. Try something similar to Bonita Bay’s approach by including information about a seminar you are hosting, or a new informative video you will be posting online.
5. Newsletters:
Newsletters are a perfect way to get the word out about your new social media presence. Add in an extra paragraph (or several) about your online profiles, and suggest ways for your potential fans to network with you.
6. E-Newsletters:
Take this service one step further by including URLs to your profiles at the bottom of each page as a clickable link.
7. Business Cards:
This traditional method of getting your name and your company’s name out into the working world can now be bumped up a notch: in addition to any phone numbers or email addresses under your company’s name, list the online networks you’d like clients to visit.
8. Billboards:
You’re already paying to use this space to market your company: now use it to direct your viewers to your online sites, and you will have all that advertising space attracting many viewers – for free.
9. Print:
We are using the term ‘print’ here to mean newspaper and magazine advertisements or spreads. Reserve one section of each advertisement where you will put links to your blog, website, and other public profiles.
10. Company literature:
When you are providing potential customers with information about your services and fees, always include your email, phone number, and a list of networking sites where you can be located.
Not only is social media marketing useful for attracting potential business, it is also a great way to help your customers feel more informed, and thus more confident and comfortable, when approaching you for a service or product. The beauty of this list is its simplicity: incorporating social media into all forms of your advertising is important, but should not be overwhelming or difficult.  Just be conscientious about making sure each marketing outlet mentions your online social presence in some way.


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