Firefox Add-ons: Part II of Our Top Picks

In our last post we brought you part one of our top eleven picks for Firefox add-ons: little  applications that can be easily downloaded into your Firefox browser to help you get more out of your browsing and networking experience. Now that you have had a chance to review the first six add-ons we posted last week, read on for the rest of our choices…

7. StumbleUpon:
One of my personal favorites, this smart little add-on learns with you as you search the web. It has over 500 categories of interest to choose from, and suggests sites for you to view as you go. Click the Stumble button to see a new recommendation, post your favorites, and connect with your friends to see what they’re are sharing. The more you use StumbleUpon, the more relevant the recommendations become.

8. AdblockPlus:
The simple purpose of this add-on is to block annoying advertisements, banners, and even malware from getting onto your computer or browser window. It will assist you in customizing filters to block what you don’t want coming through. It is a basic but effective application.

9. Social Media for Firefox:
This handy add-on monitors your favorite social sites and brings you a summary of everything from which articles are most popular, to which ones have a thumbs up or thumbs down on Stumble. You can see what’s been voted best on Reddit, monitor the number of tweets on Twitter, and even access your account while you’re at it. This addon will also notify you when content hasn’t been added to some of the sites you follow, so you can be the first to share it.

10. Glydo: If you want to have information brought to you instead of searching for it, give Glydo a go. As you surf, it automatically detects what you are most interested in, and then makes suggestions about what videos, shopping advice, news, tweets, and websites will be most useful to you.

11. GetGlue:
While you are busy surfing sites like Amazon or IMDB, GetGlue helps you find what books to read, movies to watch, or music to buy next. Like StumbleUpon, the more you use GetGlue and tell it what you like, the better and more accurate its recommendations will be. See what your friends are watching, reading and listening to, and save your own favorites from whatever sites you visit.

— What add-ons would you like to see added to this list? Drop us a comment!


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