11 Useful Add-ons for Firefox

If you are using Firefox as your browser, you are probably aware of the myriad of customization options at your finger tips, including “add-ons,” which can be downloaded to help you manage content sharing and viewing. With page after page of add-ons to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the ones that will be best suited to your browsing needs. In fact, last month Firefox passed the 2 billion add-on downloads mark! With this in mind, we’ve compiled a more manageable selection of particularly useful add-ons that can both simplify and enhance your social networking experience. Below is the first half of our selections. Visit Firefox’s add-on download page to learn more.
1. AddThis:
This add-on enables you to instantly bookmark and share a variety of content, including news, blogs, videos, and photos. You can choose to upload any of the information you find to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other popular social media sites.
2. Yoono:
This sidebar allows you to view all of your social networks from one location. See your Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Friendfeed and Aim accounts collectively, rather than visiting each one individually. Yoono also lets you share information, post status updates, and upload links and videos across all social sites at the same time.
3. Shareaholic:
This add-on is basically what it sounds like – ideal for anyone who wants to share as much information as possible, as easily as possible. It is a quick and straightforward way to bookmark whatever interests you, and share it with co-workers, friends, and family. Designed to keep your browser clutter-free, it is also compatible with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
4. Clipmarks:
Share exact portions of whatever articles you read on the web, instead of posting the whole article. After you clip something, you can email it, save it on clipmarks.com, or post it to your blog.
Side bonus: using Amplify, you can post to Twitter and FB, too.
5. Screengrab:
Screengrab can be considered a cousin of Clipmarks, and is another helpful way of capturing information. In a nutshell, it saves pages as images: you can grab a portion of a page or the whole thing, whichever you prefer -and it also saves flash. Like Clipmarks, Screengrab allows you to save what you’ve selected either to a specific file, or to your clipboard.
6. Feedly:
This add-on is the highly acclaimed RSS reader that comes with multiple view options, and will organize your favorite RSS feeds to bring you the most relevant content. It will let you import information from other sources, including  Google Reader and your bookmarks. You can also easily share articles you find on other social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Delicious.
Check back for a few more helpful add-ons, coming soon!
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